About us

At the core of Intouch Insight (Intouch) is, and always has been, a focus on collecting insights to drive business improvement. A lot has changed over the last three decades, but that core goal has remained.

Where we come from

We've been capturing data since before the first iPad was born.

Intouch was founded in 1992 and was the first market research company to develop kiosks to collect electronic data in the field. Originally, a lot of people knew us as "the kiosk company".

Mobile insights are in our DNA. We draw from our more than twenty years history to deliver clients with enterprise-class performance and reliability, while driving innovation and new products and features in this rapidly progressing field.

A long way from kiosks

As technology rapidly advanced, so did Intouch. As we moved away from kiosks, we developed two enterprise-class mobile data capture products for our most common industries: events, and operations.

First Faces Of Intouch

Taking CX to the next level

Our latest innovation, LiaCX, transforms decades of customer experience insights into a game-changing customer experience platform.

Screenshot showing LiaCX dashboard

Growing Intouch

Over the last decade, Intouch has successfully acquired several industry leading companies to join the Intouch family.

Intouch Legacy Brands