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When Should You Look For A New Mystery Shopping Provider?

Jun. 19, 2017 | 3 minutes
Learn more about when it might be time to switch mystery shopping providers based on essential services you should be receiving from your existing provider.
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The Benefits of Using Restaurant Checklists [Infographic]

Jun. 15, 2017 | 2 minutes
In this infographic, you'll learn how restaurant checklists help improve execution, streamline daily processes, and cut restaurant labor costs.
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Are You Getting the Most out of Your Mobile Forms Software?

Jun. 08, 2017 | 4 minutes
In this blog, we'll look at some of the top features of a mobile form software to ensure that users are getting the most value.
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VoE: How Employee Feedback Contributes to Your CEM Program

Jun. 02, 2017 | 5 minutes
We're looking at the benefits of VoE and how incorporating employee feedback helps to create the most effective CEM program for your business.
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Why Mobile Forms Trump Paper [Infographic]

May 26, 2017 | 2 minutes
In this infographic, you'll learn how replacing paper data collection with mobile forms can save your business thousands of dollars and hours annually.
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Department Stores: The Retail Decline

May 18, 2017 | 5 minutes
Learn about what's causing department store closures and why the retail industry is declining.
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Why You Should Revisit Your Mystery Shopping Program

May 11, 2017 | 3 minutes
Learn why it's important to routinely revisit your mystery shopping program to ensure that it stays up to date with your current standards.
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CX Leaders: 5 Tips for Becoming a Customer-Centric Organization

May 04, 2017 | 4 minutes
We’re sharing five tips to help CX leaders tackle the challenges associated with transforming into a customer-centric organization.
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Mobile Forms: FAQs

Apr. 27, 2017 | 3 minutes
We wrote this blog to help answer some of the frequently asked questions we receive from prospective clients about mobile forms.
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How To Create The Most Effective Survey Questions

Apr. 20, 2017 | 3 minutes
Create customer satisfaction survey questions that provide you with the most actionable and valuable feedback for your business.
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Why Customer Feedback is Vital to Your Business

Apr. 13, 2017 | 3 minutes
Learn how to improve your customer experience by collecting customer feedback that's vital to improving products, services & customer satisfaction.
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What Is Mystery Shopping? [Everything You Need to Know]

Apr. 04, 2017 | 2 minutes
Learn about what mystery shopping is and how it helps businesses improve their customer experience.
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