Easy mobile transportation inspection software

Get instant tracking, reports & action plans on transportation inspections across your field teams. 

Roll-out faster with easy-to-build mobile forms that work on any device. 

Work offline - submit when reconnected. 

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Save time spent on data entry and automate your inspection processes.

  • Replace paper forms with mobile inspection forms. Upload from Excel or build your own forms using the IntouchCheck form builder.
  • Complete inspections on any device. IntouchCheck is compatible with smartphones, tablets and desktops.
  • View results in real-time. All inspections are instantly submitted - eliminating time spent on data entry.
  • Schedule a circle check or pre-trip inspection and auto-alert teams about upcoming or missed inspections.
Save time spent

Improve day-to-day procedures.

Complete inspections anywhere.

Collect data and work offline. Submit forms when you re-connect to the Internet.

Verify inspection details.

Collect e-signatures and require photo proof from teams performing inspections.

Monitor inspections.

See how long it takes teams to complete pre-trip inspections. View when and where inspections took place with time and geo-stamps.

Send forms from the road to the office.

  • Save time driving back and forth to dispatch. Save partially completed forms and resume on another mobile device or desktop.
  • Approve inspections from the office. View a complete list of inspections that require approval as soon as they've been submitted by field teams.

Improve issue management.

  • Flag issues for follow-up and assign action plans to specific users.
  • Set due dates or pre-determine how many days are required for resolving high priority issues.
  • Set up forms to automatically notify certain users when issues are identified.

Track performance over time.

  • See where issues were found with in-depth audit reports.
  • Compare performance of locations or groups.
  • Filter through data by date, form, location or organizational group.
  • Identify trends to improve execution and drive best practices amongst teams.


Give us a call at 1-800-263-2980 ext. 7919 and speak with a product specialist about any questions you have. You can also write to us at check@intouchinsight.com.

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