Safety & Security Checklist

Safety and security are of utmost concern within any industry, for any business. Establishing a process to ensure that all protocols and procedures are being met is something no company can do without.

Simplify how you manage and monitor the tasks that must be accomplished by downloading these free audit templates that use a checklist format for audit readiness to ensure that the safety and security processes are done thoroughly and optimally.

Tasks the Safety and Security Checklist Monitors:

This standard checklist template covers tasks for companies across all industries to improve workflow and security effectiveness.

The free downloadable checklist templates monitor the following things for your business:

Simplify how you manage and monitor the tasks that must be accomplished by downloading these free audit templates that use a checklist format for audit readiness to ensure that the safety and security processes are done thoroughly and optimally.

  • Employee Management
  • Cash Register/Safe
  • Alarms
  • Surveillance

Download the Free Security Checklist Sample Today.

Safety & Security Checklist

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Going mobile will mean you'll be able to provide your clients with the very best safety and security. Our audit checklist format helps you always know that every procedure is followed to the letter, to ensure that buildings remain safe and secure.

Hotel Checklist

This pre-designed hotel checklist has been created with a customized compilation of questions that help managers and hotel staff streamline hotel property assessments.

Tasks the Hotel Checklist Monitors:

Download the free checklist to evaluate the steps that need to be taken in order to establish and maintain a reputation for quality and superior service. Print it out when performing routine tasks like:

  • Internal hotel audits
  • Quality control checks
  • Industry benchmarking


The questions are simple–but comprehensive–to provide hotel personnel with the information they need to measure and maintain service and cleanliness standards for hotel properties.

Hotel Checklist Sections

The hotel checklist format is designed to streamline internal audits by separating checklist questions by location within the hotel. The sections are:

  • Lobby/Reception
  • Hotel Room


Download the Hotel Checklist Sample Today.

Hotel Checklist

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If you are interested in moving away from manual hotel checklist forms, learn more about the mobile software that provides an internal audit checklist for hotels. IntouchCheck mobile checklist and audit forms make it easy to ensure that red flags are addressed quickly and sufficiently, ensuring that your hotel property maintains the highest standards for quality and service.

Quick Service Restaurant Checklist

In the fast service food business, you know your customers expect excellent customer service and at the same time demand to have their orders filled quickly and professionally. With a restaurant operation checklist, your staff can easily follow the procedures while management tracks and measures all standards to ensure everything is always at its best for every customer who walks through the door.

The Restaurant Checklist Template Monitors:

With the free restaurant checklist, management can use the restaurant audit forms to ensure that all procedures are followed, freeing staff members to do their jobs quickly and provide the excellent customer service that keeps customers returning.

Quick Service Restaurant Checklist Sections

  • Service Area
  • Dining Area
  • Restrooms
  • Restocking

Download the Quick-Service Restaurant Checklist Today.


QSR Checklist

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This restaurant checklist sample will allow you to see the power of using a restaurant audit form, but mobile software checklists will fully integrate the process. IntouchCheck mobile checklists will help keep your restaurant operating at its best so that you can grow your business.

Dine-In Restaurant Checklist

Restaurants that struggle with sustainability contribute failure to a lack of management regarding labor, food cost, and kitchen as well as front end efficiency. On top of these contributors to the financial success of a dine-in restaurant, cleanliness and customer service must remain top-of-mind in order to provide the guest experience your reputation relies on.

Proper use of a quality restaurant operation checklist or restaurant audit form gives your management team a tool to execute the day-to-day activities that are so imperative to the success of your business.

Tasks the Dine-in Restaurant Checklist Monitors:

The restaurant checklist sample will give you the tools to track every aspect of running your restaurant, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks, and if–anything does–the restaurant audit form allows you to address problems quickly and easily.

Dine-in Restaurant Checklist Sections

  • Dining Area
  • Kitchen
  • Cleanliness
  • Scheduling
  • Deliveries

Download the Dine-In Restaurant Checklist Today.

Restaurant Checklist

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The restaurant checklist templates free version will demonstrate what monitoring can do for your restaurant, while IntouchCheck mobile checklist integrates the process. You'll always be on top of every detail.

Restaurant Opening and Closing Checklist

All restaurants require front of house staff to prepare the restaurant for business before and after every shift. Prepping in the morning for the day to come, and at night for the following day are important parts of a restaurant’s success and help things run smoothly. With opening and closing checklists in place, your staff can easily work through their duties throughout their shift, while management ensures that all items are completed. Track progress and ensure that any issues are identified and documented for further action.

Using restaurant opening and closing checklists provides your team with the tools they need to succeed and provide that superior customer experience for your guests.

This restaurant opening and closing checklist monitors: 

The restaurant opening and closing checklist ensures that all items are stocked and all areas are cleaned for a successful shift. By following this checklist, your restaurant will be prepared to run smoothly and profitably.

Restaurant opening and closing checklist sections:

  • Coffee
  • Fridge
  • Servery
  • Side Stands
  • Staff Area
  • Cutlery 

Download the Restaurant Opening and Closing Checklist Today.


Restaurant Opening and Closing Checklist


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Use a mobile form software to manage your restaurant. Instantly submit results and notify teams of the results in real-time so you can resolve problems faster. IntouchCheck mobile checklist software ensures that your teams have all the resources they need right at their fingertips to keep your restaurant running efficiently.

Food Safety Checklist

Food safety should be amongst the top priority for any one in the food service industry. Safe quality food is important for both the health and safety of customers and the general public, as well as brand image, customer experience and more. 

Daily checks and internal inspections are a great way to be sure your food service teams are constantly reviewing and assessing all food safety procedures to ensure they are executed consistently. A single error is all it takes for food safety to be put in jeopardy. 

This food safety checklist template assesses: 

Use this checklist for ongoing checks of your food preparation areas, employee knowledge and general facilities. 

Note: This checklist is not to be used in place of mandated food safety policies set out by national and local food safety advisories. Consult all relevant food safety advisories for regulations that apply to your business.

Food safety checklist sections:

  • Employee health, hygiene and training
  • Protection from contamination
  • Time and temperature of foods
  • Approved food sources
  • Chemicals
  • Proper Use of Utensils & Equipment
  • Physical Facility

Download the Food Safety Checklist Today.


Food Safety Checklist


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Use a mobile form software to manage your food safety checks, and get instant visibility into the health of your safety procedures across locations. Instantly flag problems for all stakeholders to see, generate action plans and view performance report.

Retail Checklist

From opening to closing, and set-up to cleaning, ensuring that everything is done correctly and efficiently determines whether your business will thrive. 

With this retail store checklist you'll know that every last detail is being evaluated, so management can simplify workflows and staff can easily make sure they've properly completed all duties.

Tasks the Retail Checklist Template Monitors:

Owners and management can't be at every location, every moment. With a proper store opening and closing checklist, retail businesses will be covered from every angle. This free download includes a retail store setup checklist template as well as a retail cleaning checklist template.

Retail Checklist Sections

  • Inventory and Backstock Procedures
  • Cleaning Duties Inside and Outside the Store
  • Entrance
  • Displays
  • Opening and Closing

Download the Retail Checklist Today.


Retail Checklist


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While manual checklists will show you how crucial a quality checklist is for streamlining the efficiency of your retail business, mobile software checklists will take that ability to the next level. IntouchCheck mobile checklists will ensure that your business is always running smoothly.

Convenience Store Checklist

Using a checklist for your store processes and tasks will streamline the way you run your business. Then, through regularly conducting store audits, you can take your convenience store to the highest level of industry standards. 

Be sure all procedures are being following by implementing the use of these free checklist templates, and maximize the efficiency of your business with free downloadable templates for store audits and evaluations.

The Convenience Store Checklist Template Monitors:

With the free convenience store checklist, management and owners are able to ensure that all procedures are followed, allowing staff to guarantee they are taking care of their job responsibilities and leaving time to provide an excellent customer experience. With store setup checklists and even opening and closing procedure checklists, your store will be all set to run effectively and smoothly.

Convenience Store Checklist Sections

  • Restrooms
  • Inventory
  • Backstock
  • Ordering
  • Outside & Inside the Store

Download the Convenience Store Checklist Today.


Convenience Store Checklist


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IntouchCheck mobile checklist takes all of the advantage of our manual checklist and audit forms and puts them in their most convenient form. It makes it easy to keep track so you know everything is always running smoothly.


Preventative Maintenance Checklist

Recurring and unexpected issues are a pain to deal with. Using preventative maintenance checklists to inspect your buildings helps avoid these problems and can save you from having to spend money on expensive repairs. 

Clearly outline what your teams must inspect and ensure thoroughness by downloading this free preventative maintenance checklist. 

Tasks the Preventative Maintenance Checklist Monitors:

This is a standard checklist template that includes questions about areas of any building that require on-going maintenance inspections. This checklist helps prevent issues or failures to your electrical, lighting, plumbing, heating and cooling, and more. 

The free downloadable checklist templates monitor the following things for your business:

  • Lighting
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Building interior
  • Building exterior
  • Plumbing

Download the Preventative Maintenance Checklist Today.


Preventative Maintenance Checklist


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Using IntouchCheck mobile checklists allows your team to instantly submit results, eliminating the need for data entry. You’ll automatically be notified of the results and action plans will be generated for any issues that were identified during the inspection, helping your teams resolve problems faster.

Workplace Inspection

A workplace inspection is a necessary part of any business. They are conducted routinely and meant to identify all areas that have the potential to cause injury or illness, and to examine those factors. Using a workplace inspection checklist verifies that everything is up to standard and that employees are working in acceptable and safe conditions.  

This workplace inspection checklist template assesses: 

With the free workplace inspection checklist, managers can oversee proper working conditions for their employees. This workplace inspection checklist includes a variety of questions that will cover the primary areas in any workplace. 

This free download will help you perform routine inspections with set guidelines to follow each time.

Workplace inspection checklist sections:

  • Fire
  • First Aid
  • Storage
  • Security
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen

Download the Workplace Inspection Checklist Today.


Workplace Inspection Checklist


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If you'd like to move away from pen and paper inspections, learn more about mobile audit and checklist software. IntouchCheck allows you to perform checklists and audits on any device, flag safety hazards for follow up in real-time, and instantly alert the right team members.