Collect solicited and unsolicited customer feedback

How closely are you listening?

A strong customer experience management program helps you truly understand what your customers are saying, and provides a holistic view of what they experience with your brand.

LiaCX combines all your customer data in one place, making it easy to pinpoint areas of concern in the customer journey so you can take immediate action to resolve issues on the frontline.

Customer satisfaction surveys

Collect customer feedback through customizable CSAT and NPS surveys. LiaCX gives you the power to ask your customers targeted questions in order to improve their experience at specific stages in their journey.

Customer satisfaction survey

Social media monitoring

Discover emerging trends and issues by monitoring social media and review sites for unsolicited mentions of your brand.

Social networks that connect to LiaCX

Import data from any source

Quickly integrate with the enterprise services you’re already using. Easily import data from any third party system including call center and financial data, to get a 360-degree view of your customers and their experience.

Screenshot showing LiaCX dashboard

Mobile forms software

Front-line compliance with operational standards plays a huge role in your customer experience. Use mobile forms software to complete daily, weekly or monthly audits and checklists to measure performance and improve execution across your locations.

Screenshot showing LiaCX dashboard

Mystery shopping and third-party audits

Use mystery shopping to collect unbiased feedback about the delivery of customer service and operational audits to learn whether your locations are complying with internal standards.

Screenshot showing LiaCX dashboard

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