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Shift Daily Production Report


Understanding the daily manufacturing schedule allows you to properly track items throughout the production and shipping phase while keeping the equipment in constant operation so you don't suffer any unnecessary downtime while waiting for production orders. The shift daily production report from IntouchCheck lets your employees log the items that are currently being manufactured for greater transparency into operations.

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Food & Beverage Plant Inspection Form


A food and beverage plant can fall behind on maintaining the proper healthy and safety levels. This issue can lead to dangerous working conditions, accidents, illnesses and the possible contamination of food or beverage products. Ensure that the operations, facility floor and personnel are clean and well maintained using our food & beverage plant inspection form. Look for issues that need to be addressed so the facility will come into compliance with safety and health policies.

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Laboratory Supervisory Form


Many manufacturing and industrial facilities will have laboratories on their premises that may be used for different procedures and processes that are necessary for daily operations. Ensuring that these facilities care clean and well maintained is vital to prevent serious problems that can make the facility not be within regulatory compliance standards. The laboratory supervisory form can be used to inspect procedures, documentation, waste disposal processes, biosafety and other practices to make reports of possible issues.

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Pool Safety Inspection Form


Residential pool owners and commercial pools used by guests must be kept clean so people can enjoy swimming in the cool waters and moving about the pool area. Also, equipment and surrounding structures can experience wear-and-tear and other problems when constantly exposed to water chemicals and high levels of humidity. The pool safety and inspection form allows you to perform an evaluation of all pool elements and structures to spot issues that need to be repaired or replaced immediately.

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Source Gas Compressor Measurements and Observations


Your site operations may require the compression of fuel gas to the desired volume so that it can be pushed through pipes at an acceptable rate. Our source gas compressor measurements and observations form can be used by technicians to review the functionality of compressor equipment to ensure source gas is metered, suctioned and discharged correctly.

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Semi-Annual Cathodic Protection System Inspection


Once or twice a year, you need to inspect equipment to make sure it is running at optimal levels and to prevent possible equipment failure that can impact your operations. Twice a year, the cathodic protection system needs to be evaluated so you can compare measurements and see if there are any existing issues. Our semi-annual cathodic protection system inspection form allows you to efficiently perform and record these measurements.

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Well Measurements and Observations


Oil wells need to be constantly maintained to ensure operations run smoothly with minimal downtime. Finding issues early can help the oil well owners take the right remediation actions to minimize problems and associated costs. Our well measurements and observations form allows you to perform timely evaluations to spot concerns that should be talked about with well supervisors, technicians, and well owners.

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Well Service Field Ticket


When called out to perform services on oil and gas wells, you need to accurately keep track of each job you perform at the location. Then you can provide a subtotal cost for the individual services and a total cost that the customer can review and provide a signature to indicate that the job was completed as indicated. The well service field ticket allows you to efficiently log your work services while out in the field.

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Room Dimensions Form


A variety of businesses, from cabinet makers to florists to event planners, may need a room's total dimension size so they can offer services. Yet calculating the dimensions can be a hassle as you try to remember the width and length to figure out the total square footage. Get more accurate calculations with our room dimensions form. You can figure out the size of the room and then offer job completion information for your customers.

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Field Equipment Service Report


Equipment can break down anywhere or cannot be shipped to the repair shop so that it can be fixed. So you must travel to the location to perform the necessary work. Prepare yourself for the job by having all the necessary report information. Our field equipment service report can inform you about the equipment that needs to be fixed, the reason for the service call, and allows you to give details about the types of services you provided.

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Flood Damage Assessment


Natural disasters such as flooding can strike your commercial business or rental apartment buildings at any moment. When such accidents occur, you need to perform evaluations of the building to discover the types of damages that are present. Our flood damage assessment form can be used by you and your workers to evaluate the state of your building for insurance purposes and to decide on what types of repairs will be needed.

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Guttering Job Order


Gutter jobs for commercial and residential buildings require workers to constantly travel to each job site to provide a number of different work tasks. They will also be constantly using materials that are stocked on trucks to provide gutters, downspouts, and other related projects. The guttering job order form allows workers to keep track of work assignments for the day and track the number of materials they use so they never run out when going to the next work assignment location.

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Lighting Inspection & Installation Report


Lighting in businesses is essential for work operations and security purposes to keep workers safe. Performing an inspection can determine if all lighting systems are operating to the desired capacity as you can make notes about locations that require better lighting. Our lighting inspection and installation report allows you to evaluate current systems and make a report about installation recommendations to provide adequate lighting fixtures throughout the building.

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Carpet Cleaning Work Order


Carpet cleaning companies will answer requests calls at all times of the day and the night for commercial businesses and homes. Keeping each work request organized can allow cleaners to know which rooms require cleaning and if there are any special requests for their services. The carpet cleaning work order form helps to streamline the process so the carpet cleaner can perform their work in a timely manner while being able to give follow-up services.

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Facilities Repair Maintenance Request Form


While overseeing business operations, repairs may be necessary to get equipment and machinery systems up to working capacity. Having maintenance workers fulfill work requests the moment they receive trouble tickets can eliminate long downtimes of operations and keep everything running as scheduled. The facilities repair maintenance request form allows you to request repairs for equipment while at the location so the workers can get the job done within a reasonable time.

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Sport Program Waiver and Release


People of all ages love to participate in a range of sports programs as they can have fun, challenge themselves, compete against others and test their physical endurance. Yet sometimes when participating in these sports, injuries can occur as your business and employees could be held liable and sued for medical expenses. The sport program waiver and release form can be used to protect your business and employees from lawsuits when people willing participate in your sports program.

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Soil Test Report


Farmers need to have a successful harvest so they can use the crops to feed livestock, provide produce to grocery stores, and feed their families. Poor soil conditions can create serious issues with crop growth that can affect the plants throughout the year. The soil test report offered by Intouch allows for farmers to record their soil test findings into the form so they can better understand the conditions for their soil in the fields.

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IPM General Inspection for Schools


Schools will undergo regular inspections to search for health and safety problems that could lead to accidents, injuries or illnesses to students and faculty. Yet the school should also be evaluated for possible issues that may create pest infestations during certain months of the year. The IPM general inspection for schools form template can be used to create a more comprehensive evaluation of the building to spot possible situations that could bring in pests.

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Employee Transfer Form


During the course of business operations, employees may move to different roles in the company. They may be required to work on temporary project teams with managers or supervisors. The employees may also obtain new job positions and salaries in other departments or offices. The employee transfer form lets you gather details about the reassignment to record employment information.

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Property Security Survey


Maintaining the security of a residential or commercial property can lessen the likelihood of dangers threatening workers or residents. Yet there could be aspects of the building or property that can contribute to these threats if not addressed. The property security survey provides a checklist of items you can inspect on the property to see if they are in good condition or require additional repairs and attention.

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