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Dues Collection Form

Try this free mobile dues collection form to efficiently collect information on union dues from members.

Gather information about union members so as to collect monthly dues. You can gain written permission from members to draft their bank accounts to collect the dues through automatic payment withdrawals.

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More About This Form


Union organizations will collect union dues for a number of political purposes. These dues can be made by members of the union. Collecting the member dues and the member information can be tedious when just using paper forms. You can lose the documents or misplace the member's personal information regarding how much they have paid. The dues collection form streamlines the process so you can efficiently gather the information right on your mobile device.


Form Details

Our dues collection form is designed for union organizations so they can collect dues from members who wish to donate. The form can be used on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, as you can allow the member to fill in their information and give permission to collect the dues monthly through automatic payment withdrawals. You can gather accurate member data that can be placed into a report for your records.
Use our dues collection form to keep track of PAC contributions and disclosure documents for all of your members. You can easily tap in the details right into the mobile device screen and pull up the data when it is needed without searching through piles of paperwork in a filing cabinet. This form template has been pre-built with the following category fields so you can always gather the right information.
Member identification number
Member's personal information
Monthly dues information
Automatic payment deduction information
Payment authorization signature
Payment details

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