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General Liability Waiver

Try our free general liability waiver to protect yourself or your business from liability situations.

Customers may engage in activities or with products offered by your company that can cause inherent risks. You can prevent your company and yourself from being sued with a general liability waiver.

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More About This Form


Offered products, services or activities may come with hazards that can cause bodily harm or damage. People may already know about the risks yet still use the product, service or activity to take advantage of the benefits. A general liability waiver protects your company from all liability if a situation happens. The person acknowledges that they understand the risks before using the product or service, or taking part in the activity, and agrees not to sue for current or future damages or injuries that may occur.


Form Details

We have developed this general liability waiver for companies and individuals to protect their best interests. It removes their liability when someone else becomes injured or has property damage that may have been caused by products, services, activities or other situations that could be blamed on the company or individual. It can be used as a legally binding document that is agreed upon by both parties.

The general liability waiver can be used on your mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet, iPhone or iPad. It has common category elements that provides details about the event, activity or circumstance where you seek liability protection. Category fields that have been included:

  • Releasor (person agreeing not to sue)
  • Releasee (company or individual providing the service, product or activity)
  • Agreement date
  • Event, activity or product
  • Known risks
  • Consideration (money or something with legal value that will be given for signing the agreement)
  • Governing laws
  • Releasor's signature
  • Current Date

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