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Client Service Information Form


You need to take down the right information for every client requesting services from your company. Each one may require specific needs as you don't want to get your clients confused and offer the wrong services. This mobile client service information form allows you to conveniently gather client information directly into your mobile device when they call or email their service request to your company.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey Form


You strive to offer the best cleaning services to your clients. Yet you don't know whether your work is meeting their needs or if there are any areas regarding your work that can be improved. After performing cleaning services, provide our customer satisfaction survey form to your clients so they can provide their valuable feedback to you. By gathering this information, you can review the data for customer trends and issues with your business.

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Grievance Form


There are times when an employee may feel that the company has not upheld their end of the job contract. The company may not be paying the agreed-upon starting wages or benefits, or it may not be the right job position that they were hired for at the interview. The employee may also be concerned about working in an unsafe working environment or is dealing with other issues with their department head. The grievance form template can help employees or union representatives gather details about the grievance so it can be presented to the company.

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Dues Collection Form


Union organizations will collect union dues for a number of political purposes. These dues can be made by members of the union. Collecting the member dues and the member information can be tedious when just using paper forms. You can lose the documents or misplace the member's personal information regarding how much they have paid. The dues collection form streamlines the process so you can efficiently gather the information right on your mobile device.

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Accident Report Form


Workplace accidents can cause significant injuries to employees. If the accidents were due to a hazard work environment that has been overlooked by the company, an employee can inform their union representative of the issues so action can be taken about this violation. Use our accident report form to gather information about the employee's injuries that can be later be placed into a report and sent to the company.

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Retail Service Audit Form


Appearances are important when operating a retail store. An unclean store can cause customers to believe that they will be receiving inferior products and services. During daily operations, a store can quickly become cluttered with products misplaced on shelves, muddy shoe prints on the floor from wet weather, trash littered in the corners and messes lurking in the bathroom. Hiring a cleaning staff to keep the premises looking great, yet they may overlook areas during their services. Our retail service audit form lets you evaluate the state of your retail business to check for cleanliness.

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Client Contact Information Form


Every customer of your cleaning business has different lifestyles and home preferences. So there will be times when you have to provide more specialized services so your clients are satisfied with your work. Our client contact information form allows your workers to gain client information for every work request so they perform the right cleaning services for homes and businesses.

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Cleaning Service Proposal Form


Your cleaning business will have to deal with multiple calls from commercial clients who need to have their buildings cleaned. With the number of daily cleaning requests, you need a more convenient method in gathering client information so your workers know the types of services they will need to provide. You can use our cleaning service proposal form to get all the cleaning request information from the client so your workers can complete the work request in a timely manner.

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Technician Inspection Form


Businesses and home computer systems can be affected by a range of problems from viruses to hardware incompatibility. Discovering the right solutions can help the client get their computer systems back on track. Our technician inspection form can be used by your IT workers to log the services that they provided at the job site so you can later make service reports.

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New Equipment Log Form


You will need to buy new computer equipment and software for the company for a variety of different reasons. There may be new employees who require computers for their job positions, or you may be upgrading the company's network systems. You may also simply need to buy equipment when a previous computer malfunctions. Our new equipment log form lets you keep track of all new equipment that is purchased by the IT department.

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Large Building Checklist


Large buildings have complicated mechanical systems and components that all must work together to keep the indoor conditioned environment at the optimal level for all people working or obtaining services from the business. To ensure that each system is working as it was designed and maintaining the appropriate output, you must perform the desired inspections to look for possible issues. Our large building inspection form can be used by facility managers so they can efficiently inspect all mechanical systems throughout the building.

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Small Building Inspection Form


Mechanical systems in small buildings work constantly to keep the indoor environment comfortable for employees and customers. Yet in time, these systems can begin to fail. Performing the appropriate periodic inspections of these systems can allow you to spot potential problems and provide the repairs immediately before a system failure causes the equipment to shut down. You can use our small building inspection form to evaluate these HVAC systems and perform the right maintenance to prevent your operations from experiencing downtime.

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Guttering Inspection Report


When a homeowner requests a new gutter system installed on their house, your workers need to have the exact measurements of the roof so they bring enough materials and tools to complete the job. They must see how many roof levels there are on the house, find out if the roof will be stripped, and understand whether there are only certain places where the new gutters will be installed. Our guttering inspection report can let you input the correct measurements and information to properly install the gutters.

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Plumbing Report


Plumbing lines and water heater systems can begin to corrode and decay. Discovering problems early can allow you to take the best corrective actions to repair and replace these features. Our comprehensive plumbing report can help you with the inspection process as you can type your findings directly into the report. Make notes about possible hazardous and dangerous problems with the plumbing that can cause significant damage or injuries.

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Freight Elevator Request Form


Vendors, employees and other workers will need to move a wide range of equipment, products and goods throughout your facility. Yet they may not be able to use the regular elevator because it is reserved for passengers only or the items are too larger to fit into that elevator. The freight elevator request form is designed for facility managers as they can allow vendors and clients move large pieces of equipment, furniture and goods to different floors of the building.

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Excavation Permit Request Form


There will be times when maintenance workers need to excavate certain areas of the property or inside the building to perform specific repairs. The workers might have to fix underground pipes, submerged fuel lines, or buried cables. Before the work begins, the workers have to make a permit request with the facility manager. Our excavation permit request form provides an efficient manner for you to gather excavation details so you can approve the permit request.

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Shift Daily Production Report


Understanding the daily manufacturing schedule allows you to properly track items throughout the production and shipping phase while keeping the equipment in constant operation so you don't suffer any unnecessary downtime while waiting for production orders. The shift daily production report from IntouchCheck lets your employees log the items that are currently being manufactured for greater transparency into operations.

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Food & Beverage Plant Inspection Form


A food and beverage plant can fall behind on maintaining the proper healthy and safety levels. This issue can lead to dangerous working conditions, accidents, illnesses and the possible contamination of food or beverage products. Ensure that the operations, facility floor and personnel are clean and well maintained using our food & beverage plant inspection form. Look for issues that need to be addressed so the facility will come into compliance with safety and health policies.

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Laboratory Supervisory Form


Many manufacturing and industrial facilities will have laboratories on their premises that may be used for different procedures and processes that are necessary for daily operations. Ensuring that these facilities care clean and well maintained is vital to prevent serious problems that can make the facility not be within regulatory compliance standards. The laboratory supervisory form can be used to inspect procedures, documentation, waste disposal processes, biosafety and other practices to make reports of possible issues.

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Pool Safety Inspection Form


Residential pool owners and commercial pools used by guests must be kept clean so people can enjoy swimming in the cool waters and moving about the pool area. Also, equipment and surrounding structures can experience wear-and-tear and other problems when constantly exposed to water chemicals and high levels of humidity. The pool safety and inspection form allows you to perform an evaluation of all pool elements and structures to spot issues that need to be repaired or replaced immediately.

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