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Day Care Incident Report Form


When operating a day care center, minor mishaps can occur. A child may slip and fall when on play equipment or cause a disruption that may have required a daycare worker to step in to resolve. Our day care incident report form offers a simple method in recording situations that need to be reported to parents and guardians when their children are at the daycare facility. Provide incident details and place the report in daycare records so the appropriate remedial actions can be taken to ensure the continued health and wellbeing of all the children in your facility.

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Day Care Emergency Contact Form


A situation may happen at your day care center where you need to contact the parents to pick up their children. Having incomplete emergency contact information impairs your ability to call the parents as this problem can be detrimental to the child. Use our free day care emergency contact form that is designed for mobile devices. Record the parent's phone number and address information as well as gather information about the people who have been given permission by the parent to pick up their children during any emergency.

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Child Patient History Form Template


Obtaining the family medical history from children can ensure that they receive the quality health care that is required during their visit with the physician. Yet information can get left out that may cause a range of present or future medical issues. The child medical history form allows you to ask all the pertinent questions from parents and guardians of young children to find out the child's family medical history, present medications they are taking and other health questions.

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Day Care Enrollment Form


Before opening your daycare doors to children who will be under your care while their parents are at work or school, you need to enroll them into your facility. The day care enrollment form will help caregivers obtain important childcare information from parents to develop a tailored child profile. This child profile can be used to provide the right amount of care during the time that their children are at the facility.

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Day Care Registration Form Template


You can streamline your daycare's administrative tasks with our free, mobile daycare registration form. Quickly gather information from parents about their daycare needs and make arrangements to provide services during the given timeframes. This registration form offers immense benefits so that you do not book too many children into your facility as you must stay within the allowable capacity established by state regulations. 

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