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Accident Investigation Form


When using equipment and vehicles at construction sites, incidents can occur that can damage machinery, destroy property, and injure workers. Gathering accurate facts about the incident can help you determine the reasons for the problem so that you can take immediate steps to minimize future risks. Our accident investigation form provides a simple template so you can perform an investigation about the construction accident and record details so you can file incident reports.

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Simple Electrical Hazard Form


Electrical hazards can happen any time, as understanding the type of hazard that is present and the location of the danger can keep workers and the public safe until the issue is fixed. As an electrician, you are routinely called in to perform inspections and reviews of electrical systems. Keep better track of found hazards with our simple electrical hazard form.

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Weekly Health and Safety Inspection Checklist


Construction sites have many operations running at the same time so the commercial building or newly constructed home is built up to code and to the established schedule. Yet risks on the job site can appear at any time, hampering work productivity. Workers can become sick or injured if the hazards aren't rectified in a timely fashion as our weekly health and safety inspection checklist helps you perform evaluations on the work site in an efficient manner. 

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Job Completion Sign-Off Form


Clients may require contractors to give them a summary of the work that was completed to adjust project completion deadlines and financial resources. Yet after a hard day's work, contractors can forget to fill them out, or miss items to mark on the forms.

The job completion sign off form makes the task easier by providing a pre-created form template that can be completed right on your mobile device. Fill out the form the moment that the task is completed so you don't forget to mention important details to your clients.

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Metal Roof Inspection Form Template


Not all procedures for roof inspections can be performed the same way, as you must use different methods to inspect for issues on metal roofs. You want to ensure that the evaluation doesn't exclude any roof components as you want to perform the inspection in an accurate and efficient manner.

The metal roof inspection form is a pre-created template designed for your Android, Apple and Windows mobile devices. Our template features the most common aspects of metal roof inspections as you can simply fill in the fields with the right information at the touch of a button

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Basic Roof Inspection Form Template


This inspection form template allows for roof inspectors and contractors to perform basic roof inspection services and capture information while on site. You will be able to enter visual details directly into your mobile device, take photos, and send information to workers to fix all recorded roof issues. Our templates are customizable for different types of roof inspections so no information becomes lost or overlooked during the inspection as it allows you to speed up the inspection process.

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Roof Inspection Form Template - Report


Trying to perform a roof inspection report is not so simple while at the job site. You have a limited amount of time to write down all the information. You may also forget important details to include in the report as well as recommendations on how to proceed to repair and replace the roof.

Our roof inspection form template allows you to record a thorough roof inspection report right on your mobile device while performing the inspection process. You can provide details about roof issues and list recommendations in different categories that are easily viewable and readable on mobile devices.

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Roof Certification Form Template


Insurance companies may require inspection information to figure out if a homeowner is eligible for certain home insurance policies. They will send the homeowner a roof certification form that must be completed by a qualified inspector, contractor, architect or engineer.

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Construction Daily Report Form

 Whether you're traveling between construction sites or just trying to get through daily construction tasks, reporting is a priority that tends to be neglected. That's why we created this template for a construction daily report form for construction crews to use on their PC, mobile, or tablet devices. Workers can easily track their daily activities and progress, and supervisors or foremen can see the information they need quickly and sufficiently with this template that also acts as a contractor daily report. 

The construction daily log is simple and easy to fill out. Contractors can complete the contractor daily report while out in the field, allowing them to perform their other duties. 

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Heavy Equipment Inspection Form

Heavy equipment tools are critical to doing your job, and this detailed heavy equipment inspection form will make sure all of that equipment information is accurate and up to date. This report will give you quick access to the heavy equipment inspection report with all the details you need easily visible with organized sections and sub-sections. 

View the sample form, use our pre-created mobile form, or use the free inspection template to create your own heavy equipment inspection sheet with our free trial.

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OSHA Safety and Inspection Form

Don’t miss any important details in your OSHA inspection, use our safety inspection form to easily note all your worksite inspection details. This form follows the guidelines set out by the Occupational Safety and and Health Act.

Our OSHA form breaks down the checklist into separate sections, each section focusing on a different aspect of the construction site.

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Weekly Construction Health and Safety Form

This free weekly health and safety form for the construction industry was created to help contractors, supervisors, and construction crews as they perform health and safety risk assessments. While the form is comprehensive and contains detailed information for a variety of projects, users can customize by adding or removing information, allowing them to build off of our risk assessment form to create a unique solution for their projects and job sites. 

View, use, and customize our pre-created mobile form, or build off of the free form template to create your own health and safety risk assessment form.

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