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Student Insurance Waiver Form


When students engage in extracurricular sports after school or out-of-state field trips where there may be an increased chance of injury or illness, your school and employees need to avoid liability for such accidents. Your school district may also require that parents have student accident, extended health insurance, or dental coverage before participating in any events or activities. The student insurance waiver form can allow you to find out if parents have the necessary insurance for their kids.

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Student Medication Permission Form


Students may have sudden illnesses or chronic medical conditions that require them to take medications during school hours. School districts need to have medical information from the physician so the school nurse can give this medication to the child at the right dosage and frequency. With our student medication permission form, it helps the school gather accurate medical information about the student's health condition so the child doesn't experience any serious medication issues.

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School Incident Report Form


School fights, injuries, intruders, vandalism, accidents and a range of other incidents can occur on the school grounds. When the incident occurs, you want to be able to record all the details immediately so you don't leave out any information. Then the school administrators can be informed about the issue so they can take disciplinary actions. Our school incident report provides a thorough method of recording incident information to have accurate documentation.

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Textbook Requisition Form


School textbooks, workbooks, and reading books are a necessity so that your students can have the accurate information to complete school assignments and obtain the learning they need. Sometimes during the course of the year, a teacher may need a specific textbook that fits into the lesson plans yet is not stocked by the school district. The textbook requisition form allows you to request the exact school books so you can effectively teach your students.

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Request for Reserve Teacher Form


Teachers need to take personal days off from school for a variety of reasons. They may be planning to go on a short vacation, need to go on maternity leave, or have to deal with personal family matters. Although the teacher will not be in class for a specific timeframe, the students must still receive a quality education during that period of time. Our request for reserve teacher form allows for administrators to find a substitute teacher to fill in for the regular instructor for each class.

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Teacher Evaluation Criteria Form


Teachers undergo periodic reviews to ensure they have the knowledge and capabilities to teach students in a classroom setting. Observers will watch how the teacher presents their lessons to the class, how the teacher interacts with students, and how the classroom is set up to motivate a learning environment. The teacher evaluation criteria form allows the observer to analyze the teacher's competence and teaching method. Our helpful template can provide valuable feedback so the teacher can know their strengths and weaknesses so they can make the right improvements.

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Student Vacation Request Form


Parents may sometimes want to take their children out of school for a vacation that isn't during the designated days that kids have off from classes. To inform parents of the educational policy for vacation days, and to track the number of days that the child will be absent from class, you can have parents fill out this student vacation request form. You will know the time frame of the student's vacation while being able to let parents know the number of approved days the student has available that can be used as vacation days.

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Teaching Assistant Evaluation Form


Teaching assistants receive much of their training as hands-on experiences in an actual classroom working directly with students. The assistant will talk to the class, check papers, and present class materials. To help the teaching assistant understand how well they are doing and what areas of their teaching methods need improvement, you can gather feedback in this teaching assistant evaluation form.

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Daily Attendance Record


School attendance is important so students gain the quality education that they need. With the number of students you may have in your class, you want a simpler method of taking attendance accurately. The daily attendance form allows you to mark students absent based on the instructor and the school subjects that the instructor teaches so you know which students should be present in that particular class.

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