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Unit Inspection Report Form


Building owners and property management companies need to keep their rental units in top condition to retain tenants for their rental units. Yet damages can occur from wear-and-tear, weather, and by previous tenants. Before renting out a home or apartment to a new tenant, use the unit inspection report form to evaluate the conditions of the rental unit.

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Project Request Form


Facility maintenance staff may be performing multiple projects throughout the building. You need to know which projects are happening, how long the projects are taking place, and what types of disruptions the projects may create to the facility. Our project request form allows you to efficiently manage a project request as well as the projected budget so the work is done on time and meets the budgetary limits of the facility.

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Freight Elevator Request Form


Vendors, employees and other workers will need to move a wide range of equipment, products and goods throughout your facility. Yet they may not be able to use the regular elevator because it is reserved for passengers only or the items are too larger to fit into that elevator. The freight elevator request form is designed for facility managers as they can allow vendors and clients move large pieces of equipment, furniture and goods to different floors of the building.

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Excavation Permit Request Form


There will be times when maintenance workers need to excavate certain areas of the property or inside the building to perform specific repairs. The workers might have to fix underground pipes, submerged fuel lines, or buried cables. Before the work begins, the workers have to make a permit request with the facility manager. Our excavation permit request form provides an efficient manner for you to gather excavation details so you can approve the permit request.

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Janitorial Inspection Form


Housekeeping staff and janitorial services occasionally need to be evaluated to ensure that quality cleaning work is performed. If there are any janitorial issues discovered, these cleaning problems can be addressed quickly so quality is maintained and businesses continue to be happy over the janitorial services that you provide.

Keep track of janitorial work performed at buildings that have contracted cleaning services from your company with this janitorial inspection form. Evaluate cleaning procedures and conducted repair services provided by your staff as you can input inspection information directly into the form template on your mobile device.

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Preventative Maintenance Form

This easy-to-use preventative maintenance checklist provides a list of common, detailed questions for inspectors to use in their preventative maintenance checks. Our form includes checklists for Lighting, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Interior and Exterior Building. 

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Contractor Key Card Tracker Form

The IntouchCheck library of forms includes facility management forms for a variety of situations. As with other forms, the key request form can be imported to free or existing IntouchCheck accounts, and used as-is or customized to your needs.

If you already have your own key request or return form procedures, we can also help you import them into mobile forms with IntouchCheck! Our free template can also act as a guide for you in creating your own personalized key request form or key return form. 

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Annual Commercial Building Inspection

Regardless of the quality of construction materials, all buildings go through a wear and tear that can present potential health and safety issues in both short and long term instances. An obvious change within buildings over time is also the aesthetic appearance of a building. Aspects such as these can be monitored effectively and thoroughly through a commercial building inspection form. The use of a building inspection form or property inspection form can provide you with the quality assurance and confidence you want to have in the maintenance status and overall structure health of your commercial facility.

View the sample form and use our pre-created mobile inspection template and then customize your own personalized commercial property inspection form.

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Fire Safety Inspection Form

We have implemented the most thorough and all-encompassing safety guidelines in our fire safety inspection form, complete with questions generally included in a NFPA fire inspection form. The fire safety inspection template is free for you to use and customize now with a free trial of IntouchCheck. 

We have also generated a tool for you to upload your current safety procedures into our free fire inspection form template. Once you've customized our comprehensive form with the unique processes for your annual fire inspection or routine check-up, you can put your forms to use in the field as well as in the office. 

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Fire Risk Assessment Form

When fire disasters strike, they strike fast — and without much warning.  One of the sure-fire ways to protect yourself and others is through regular and thorough fire safety risk assessment procedures. Our ready-made fire safety assessment form can provide you with the assessment details that may often be overlooked, creating an alarming amount of risk in fire protection measures.

View the sample form and use our pre-created mobile form, or download the free inspection template and create a personalized fire risk assessment form.

Have your own fire assessment procedures and check-ups? We can help you import your current checklists and processes into mobile forms with IntouchCheck!

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