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Fuel Mileage Tracker


You may have employees who use their personal vehicles to perform work for your business. When a worker goes on business trips, they will spend their personal finances on purchasing fuel for their vehicles. Our fuel mileage tracker form allows your workers to record details about every trip they make on behalf of the company so they can be compensated for their fuel mileage expenses. You can use our form to track their trips and pay the correct compensation.

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Safety & Security Form


All companies have areas of their business that are monitored due to sometimes being at a risk of a safety and security issue. However sometimes these parts of your business aren't monitored as often as they should be, and aren't maintainted. In order to ensure safety and security, teams need a reminder to check that all protocols and procedures are being met. 

The safety and security form makes it easier to verify that all items are completed by providing a pre-created form template. Fill out the form at the same time every day so you always remember to check these items and keep your business and employees protected at all times. 

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Workplace Inspection Form


All businesses prioritize the health and safety of their employees. In order for employees to remain safe at work, their working conditions need to be regularly monitored and management needs to oversee these results. This helps protect employees and management alike from any workplace injuries and lessens the chance of any items malfunctioning. 

Our workplace inspection form provides you with key guidelines to follow each time you conduct an inspection. You can report on any and all malfunctions of equipment, condition of items and services provided. 

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General Liability Waiver


Offered products, services or activities may come with hazards that can cause bodily harm or damage. People may already know about the risks yet still use the product, service or activity to take advantage of the benefits. A general liability waiver protects your company from all liability if a situation happens. The person acknowledges that they understand the risks before using the product or service, or taking part in the activity, and agrees not to sue for current or future damages or injuries that may occur.

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Generic Inspection Form


Your company relies on functioning equipment so that services are completed and products are made. When there is a problem with your equipment, it can put a serious strain on your operations and cause significant downtime until the equipment is repaired or replaced. Preventive maintenance helps to prolong the lifecycle of your equipment and address problems early to lessen the chances of it breaking down during operation.

Our generic inspection form helps you perform inspections on all types of equipment. You can report on minor and major equipment damage as well as suggest repairs to get the machinery operational.

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Expense Form


Employees will travel for a variety of business purposes. They may attend seminars, conferences, or meet with executives located all around the world. Since they are representing your company, you want to reimburse the expenses that they had to pay for out of their own pockets. Our expense form allows your employees to give details about their travel, lodging and entertainment costs that you can review before reimbursing them for those expenses.

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Simple Time Sheet


When operating a small business that has employees, you need to track the employees' work hours so they get paid timely. You also need a trusted method to track payments for business tax returns. This simple time sheet helps you streamline your administrative tasks without burdening your small business with tons of paperwork. Employees can quickly track the hours that are worked as you can take note of overtime payments, paid holidays and paid sick days for more accurate bookkeeping records.

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Customer Visit Log


If you have a busy office environment, sometimes customers and clients can get lost in the shuffle of moving bodies while waiting to receive services, attend meetings or speak with certain staff members. There may be delivery workers, service workers and employees from other departments coming and going through the room.

You want to ensure your customers are waited on quickly while understanding the reason for their visit. Our mobile customer visit log helps you know who has come to the office and why they are visiting during that particular time.

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Job Completion Sign-Off Form


Clients may require contractors to give them a summary of the work that was completed to adjust project completion deadlines and financial resources. Yet after a hard day's work, contractors can forget to fill them out, or miss items to mark on the forms.

The job completion sign off form makes the task easier by providing a pre-created form template that can be completed right on your mobile device. Fill out the form the moment that the task is completed so you don't forget to mention important details to your clients.

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