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Hotel Check-In Services Audit


Before guests stay at your hotel, you want to ensure their rooms are in top-notch condition. You want to inspect the space to check if the previous guests left any items and that the housekeeping staff has cleaned the floor and made the beds. The check-in services audit form allows you to evaluate the room before giving the guests the keys to making sure everything is right for their arrival.

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Food Safety Form


Creating a food safety culture amongst your staff is the key to serving safe quality food at your business. Food safety inspections help build this culture by training and educating staff about food safety, as well as measuring them on their ongoing commitment to these efforts.

Because your staff handle various ingredients throughout the day, ensuring there is no cross-contamination and items are stored properly is something that should be measured daily. Our food safety inspection form can easily be completed every day to log temperatures, record expiry dates and much more. 

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Hotel Form


 In a large business such as the hotel industry, it's important to monitor and document all processes so that tasks are consistently completed up to company standard. Ensuring that all areas of the hotel are maintained is important to your establish and sustain a reputation for superior customer service and quality. 

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Mini Fridge Inventory Inspection


When a guest arrives at the hotel, they want to have the best experience possible when using the available mini fridge. They want it stocked with the right number of beverages and snacks. The mini fridge inventory inspection form allows you to place in necessary products such as snacks, water, juices and alcoholic beverages that will be made available. You can use this inspection form to restock the fridge when items where used and indicate issues with the refrigerator that could hamper its operation.

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General Liability Waiver


Offered products, services or activities may come with hazards that can cause bodily harm or damage. People may already know about the risks yet still use the product, service or activity to take advantage of the benefits. A general liability waiver protects your company from all liability if a situation happens. The person acknowledges that they understand the risks before using the product or service, or taking part in the activity, and agrees not to sue for current or future damages or injuries that may occur.

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Hotel Mystery Guest Inspection Form


When there are regular inspections of a hotel's operations, the staff prepares themselves for the evaluation by getting the hotel in top condition. They may cover up issues that the inspector can't discover during their evaluation. The hotel mystery guest inspection form allows you to secretly evaluate the hotel's staff, cleanliness and general services from a guest's viewpoint to create a more unbiased inspection report.

You can use our available template form to perform the inspection as a guest in the hotel. You can assess services, customer interaction with staff, how the hotel is maintained and how quickly problems are taken care of by the management. This hotel mystery guest inspection can provide important information that can be used to improve the hotel's operations.

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Janitorial Inspection Form


Housekeeping staff and janitorial services occasionally need to be evaluated to ensure that quality cleaning work is performed. If there are any janitorial issues discovered, these cleaning problems can be addressed quickly so quality is maintained and businesses continue to be happy over the janitorial services that you provide.

Keep track of janitorial work performed at buildings that have contracted cleaning services from your company with this janitorial inspection form. Evaluate cleaning procedures and conducted repair services provided by your staff as you can input inspection information directly into the form template on your mobile device.

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Pest Control Service Forms

Our easy to use pest control services form template will make filling out a pest control inspection report a walk in the park! This free pest services form features a checklist of service details, instructions, billing, and acceptance. As with all of our pest control forms, the templates are pre-created and free to download.   

View the sample pest control service forms and use our pre-created mobile form, or import the free inspection template to use a a baseline when creating your own pest control inspection form sheet with our easy-to-navigate and customize interface. 

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Bed Bug Inspection Form

This form is intended to give pest control specialists a general inspection form that covers the most common aspects of a bed bug inspection report. Our bed bug inspection form helps you conduct organized, streamlined inspections, and allows you to make observations, attach photos, write recommendations, and more. 

View and use our pre-created mobile form template, and then use the free inspection template to create your own bed bug inspection report.

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