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Gym Equipment Maintenance Checklist


People will be getting the optimal workout in your fitness center and gym room. Yet equipment can become worn out, moved to the wrong positions, or be malfunctioning. You want to make sure that every person who uses your gym equipment will experience the workout they desire. The gym equipment maintenance checklist allows you to inspect and maintain your gym equipment so people will not deal with any issues while using your fitness area.

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Gym Cleaning Checklist


With the number of people working out in the gym, the area can begin to look cluttered with scattered towels on equipment and restrooms filled with trash. Have a clean gym for your customers who come to work out regularly. You can use our gym cleaning checklist to ensure your cleaning and maintenance staff keep your gym areas well maintained at all times.

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Aircraft Interior Cleaning Checklist


After performing numerous flights throughout the day and night, the interior of the aircraft can begin to look messy and cluttered. An untidy interior can create health and sanitation issues leading to sicknesses for passengers. It also creates a poor flight experience for customers. Our aircraft interior cleaning checklist can be used to periodically clean all interior areas of the plane to provide an immaculate and tidy appearance.

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Client Service Information Form


You need to take down the right information for every client requesting services from your company. Each one may require specific needs as you don't want to get your clients confused and offer the wrong services. This mobile client service information form allows you to conveniently gather client information directly into your mobile device when they call or email their service request to your company.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey Form


You strive to offer the best cleaning services to your clients. Yet you don't know whether your work is meeting their needs or if there are any areas regarding your work that can be improved. After performing cleaning services, provide our customer satisfaction survey form to your clients so they can provide their valuable feedback to you. By gathering this information, you can review the data for customer trends and issues with your business.

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Retail Service Audit Form


Appearances are important when operating a retail store. An unclean store can cause customers to believe that they will be receiving inferior products and services. During daily operations, a store can quickly become cluttered with products misplaced on shelves, muddy shoe prints on the floor from wet weather, trash littered in the corners and messes lurking in the bathroom. Hiring a cleaning staff to keep the premises looking great, yet they may overlook areas during their services. Our retail service audit form lets you evaluate the state of your retail business to check for cleanliness.

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Client Contact Information Form


Every customer of your cleaning business has different lifestyles and home preferences. So there will be times when you have to provide more specialized services so your clients are satisfied with your work. Our client contact information form allows your workers to gain client information for every work request so they perform the right cleaning services for homes and businesses.

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Cleaning Service Proposal Form


Your cleaning business will have to deal with multiple calls from commercial clients who need to have their buildings cleaned. With the number of daily cleaning requests, you need a more convenient method in gathering client information so your workers know the types of services they will need to provide. You can use our cleaning service proposal form to get all the cleaning request information from the client so your workers can complete the work request in a timely manner.

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