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Simple Job Report


Streamline your garden and landscaping tasks so you perform the appropriate work based on the season as well as the needs of the plants and lawn on the client's property. Our simple job report can be used by landscapers to keep track of the specific work that was performed for that day. These details can allow you to make better landscaping schedules and checklists so all the necessary work is completed for each client.

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Dimensions Calculator


When called to provide landscaping and gardening services for clients, you need to understand how large of a location will need to be serviced. Our dimensions calculator allows you to input area dimensions and square footage details of the property. By understanding the dimensions of the area, you have a better idea on the length of time it will take to perform certain landscaping and garden upkeep tasks. Then you can better schedule your work day for multiple clients.

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Service Call Record


Besides providing contracted work for clients on a regular basis, you also may provide landscaping services to customers who call for the occasional property upkeep during certain times of the year. Our service call record allows you to keep track of work that landscapers and gardens completed for these customers and the types of materials that were used during the service call. You can provide the information to the customer so they understand what work was provided.

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Job Report


Clients will hire your landscaping company for contracted lawn and garden upkeep of their residential and commercial properties. Yet based on the conditions of the lawn and plants, you may perform other types of work to get the property lush and green. There also may be problems with the property that the client needs to be informed about. Our job report can be used by gardeners and landscapers to log the landscaping services they provided as well as discovered lawn issues.

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New Customer Service Questionnaire


Your landscaping company will constantly acquire new residential and commercial customers who want quality lawn and garden upkeep for their properties. You need an efficient method to gather the new client's information about their properties, the types of services they want provided on a weekly or biweekly schedule, and if they desire winter services such as snow removal. Our new customer service questionnaire will allow you to gather all the client's landscaping details during an evaluation of the property.

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Landscape Business Forms - Service Call Record


Commercial businesses and residential owners need information regarding the upkeep of their lawns and property so they can make cost-effective decisions to maintain curb appeal.

Landscapers can efficiently inform their clients about their work services that are rendered with this landscape business forms - service call record template. You can keep the service form as part of your business records and send an emailed copy to your clients so they can see what work was performed and if there are any landscape concerns that need to be addressed.

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