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General Liability Waiver


You may be hosting events in your facility for clients to promote customer loyalty, bring in new clients, provide services, or to inform them about your operations. There may be some risk to the activities that can cause bodily injury or significant harm to the clients. Our general liability waiver is designed to protect you, your business and your employees from liability if any accidents occur during the client's participation in the activity.

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Sport Program Waiver and Release


People of all ages love to participate in a range of sports programs as they can have fun, challenge themselves, compete against others and test their physical endurance. Yet sometimes when participating in these sports, injuries can occur as your business and employees could be held liable and sued for medical expenses. The sport program waiver and release form can be used to protect your business and employees from lawsuits when people willing participate in your sports program.

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Request For Benefits Form


Legal clients want more transparency involving the types of legal services that attorneys and lawyers provide when they are requesting benefits through their employers' group plans. They want to understand what services you provided toward their claim so there is no confusion over your client billing practices. Our request for benefits form can be used by lawyers and attorneys when they are working with benefit request claims for clients.

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Deceased Client Heir Information Form


Clients will work with attorneys and lawyers to create their last will and testament so they can decide who their beneficiaries will be. The clients can then decide how to properly divide their estate and other assets with their heirs. The legal and paralegal - deceased client heir information form allows you to gather the right information about your client and find out details about possible heirs that need to be informed about the will.

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Camp Waiver Form


When enrolling children into your camp activities, you need to gather all their vital information such as emergency contact details and medical conditions history that might affect them when doing certain activities. You also need to inform parents and children about acceptable camp conduct rules. Our camp waiver form allows you to inform parents of all necessary information while getting their permission for their child to attend the camp.

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Student Insurance Waiver Form


When students engage in extracurricular sports after school or out-of-state field trips where there may be an increased chance of injury or illness, your school and employees need to avoid liability for such accidents. Your school district may also require that parents have student accident, extended health insurance, or dental coverage before participating in any events or activities. The student insurance waiver form can allow you to find out if parents have the necessary insurance for their kids.

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