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Attempted Delivery Form


Fill out information for attempted delivery, package pick-up availability, postage due, customs payment, notice left, or final notice. Having these options available on a mobile device means natter the situation, delivery drivers can efficiently process delivery problems.

Drivers can automatically populate the forms from the library and then customize them based on individual and team needs.  Use the form to store and access data for delivery attempt notifications, delivery payment notifications, follow-up delivery attempts, and notes— without the hassle of paperwork. 

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Lease Abstract Form


Property investors want to make better decisions in regards to the commercial properties and buildings that are available for lease. They instantly want lease details so they can make informed business decisions. Yet property managers and leasing agents can become buried in paperwork trying to find key legal and financial details about leases for their clients.

The lease abstract form provides summary information about the commercial leases that you manage. You can instantly locate desired lease data, amendments, and options right in the form template that can be displayed on your mobile device.

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Maintenance Request Form Template


Maintenance requests can appear at any time of the day and while you are working at another rental property. Easily capture important maintenance information from the tenant with this form template.

Find out what the immediate issues are, the tenant's information and whether the tenant will be available at the rental property when maintenance workers arrive as you can input the details directly into this convenient mobile form. Property management workers can perform quality work when maintenance information is recorded properly into this convenient request template.

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Rental Walk Through Form


When offering rental property for residential leases, tenants and landlords can get into disagreements about the condition of the property and the security deposit. The tenant may claim that the problem existed before them moved in and the landlord failed to perform the necessary repairs. The landlord may claim the property was in pristine condition, or repairs have been made, as they want the tenant to pay for damages.

A rental walk through form eliminates disagreements between tenants, landlords and property managers. The form provides a checklist that can be used to assess the condition of the property before the tenant moved in and after they moved out.

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