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New Lead Form


Your sales team will be gather potential lead information so you can find new customers. Yet not every lead will turn into a good sale, as some customers are not interested in making any purchases at this immediate time. Our new lead form helps your sales team become more productive workers by gathering new lead information. You can categorize leads based on their interactions to know which ones can be further enticed into make a purchase immediately versus those who are only looking for information about the company.

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Lead Activity Details


Every sales lead that contacts your company will have different reasons for doing business with you. Some will be ready to make a purchase while others need more information so they can make a decision. You can find out more information about these interactions with your business with our useful lead activity details form. Find out more about customer interactions with your company so you can develop strategies that further enhance their customer experience so they will want to purchase your products and services.

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Lead Tracking Form


Customer leads are the life of your business as you need to track down potential clients and entice them to purchase your products and services. You also need to hone your lead tactics to make your work time more productive to increase sales generation that will produce greater profits. Our lead tracking form allows you to gather lead details so you can focus on generating leads from more reliable sources and modify tactics to find viable customers.

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New Lead Questionnaire


Business leads can hear about your company's product and services from many different sources. By finding out how the potential customer heard about your company, you can track which promotional and marketing tactics are working and modify your strategies to bring in greater leads. This new lead questionnaire can be used to gather data from your new customers to find out how they learned about your business as well as what services and products they are interested in.

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