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Loss Damage Report


Products, raw materials and equipment can become damaged when loaded on transportation vehicles, while en-route to a destination, or during the unloading process. You need accurate reports about damages to your commodities to update warehouse records and to put in a loss claim. You also need to discover who caused the damage as you may be able to receive compensation. Your transportation and warehouse workers can use our loss damage report to record to provide details about the damaged items.

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Record of Annual Inspection (49CFR, 396, 17-23)


Your employees require vehicles to transport products or perform services for your business. Having those vehicles in top condition ensures that they can make it to their destinations on time and in a safe manner. Our record of annual inspection (49CFR, 396, 17-23) allows you to take inspections of all service and transportation vehicles to evaluate the conditions of each component that may need replacement or repair.

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Dispatch and Trip Report


Employees may have to make multiple destination stops to perform product deliveries for clients. They may take certain routes and highways while paying for fuel for their vehicles. You need to have accurate information about the mileage that the employee traveled to ensure you can reimburse them for reasonable fuel expenses when traveling for company business. Our dispatch & trip report allows your employee to record information right into their mobile device so you can review the details about their work trip.

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Freight Pick-Up Confirmation


Freight shipments will be constantly moving from off docks and onto trailers headed to commercial businesses and homes across the country. You need an easier method to record shipping information so you know which truck that certain freight is on, where it is headed, and the net and gross weight of packages to calculate shipping costs. Our freight pick-up confirmation form can be used to keep track of all necessary shipping information before packages and pallets leave your facility.

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Accident Report


When operating transportation and shipping fleets, your drivers will be traveling all across the country using their own trucks or trucks that the company owns. Accidents that are weather related or caused by road conditions, other drivers or your driver can occur at any time. Our accident report form allows your drivers to record vital accident details at the scene so you can review the information and make reports.

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Vehicle Tow Log and Report Form


Tow truck operators must be on call to provide towing services for a wide range of reasons -- from a car being illegally parked along the street to when there is a traffic accident and a disabled vehicle must be towed away as it blocks traffic. Trying to fill out paper reports for every towing job can be a hassle as you may rush through the report and miss out on recording important information. The vehicle tow log and report form allows you to easily record towing details right on your mobile device so you can be more efficient.

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Annual Vehicle Inspection Report Form


Many companies rely on vehicle fleets to deliver products to customers, allow workers to perform services at different locations, and provide modes of transportation to people. Trucks, trailers, buses, tractors and other vehicles will go through daily wear-and-tear as the vehicles can begin to break down. Our vehicle inspection report form allows you to evaluate the condition of your vehicle fleet and determine if there are existing interior, exterior or mechanical problems that need to be repaired.

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Tow Dispatch Log Book Form


Tow truck dispatchers can get bogged down when answering service calls. They must quickly gather the customer and vehicle information before sending out the tow truck operator as the operator requires accurate information so they can efficiently perform their job. The tow dispatch log book allows dispatchers to professionally gather required data from callers and provide work order copies so the towing company can provide timely services to customers.

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Vehicle Walkaround Inspection Form


Customers have specific needs when renting cars, vans and trucks for work and private use. They may use the vehicle for only a few days to a few weeks. During this time, rental vehicles can experience mild to moderate wear-and-tear to exterior features, interior features and under the hood components. The vehicle walk around inspection form template allows you to inspect the rental vehicle for issues before assigning the car to rental clients. You can check the vehicle's performance and functionality to ensure that the rental car meets up to quality standards.

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Daily Truck Inspection Form

Utilizing a digital truck inspection form when performing walkaround inspections on trucks or combination vehicles will not only streamline the process, but dramatically reduce the chances of mis-documented or inaccurate evaluations. This inspection form for truck drivers has broken the inspection list items into sections and sub-sections, making it easy to navigate thoroughly and quickly. From the brake lines in the coupling system to the underside of the trailer, this sample inspection form for truck drivers makes the inspection process quick and easy.

Start using the free template to guide you in creating your own daily truck inspection sheet, and take a look at the digital truck inspection form sample to see how you can use the pre-created mobile form in your truck inspections.

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School Bus Pre Trip Inspection Form

The free sample inspection template allows you to view, use, customize and analyze the list of inspection tasks from any device: mobile, tablet, or desktop computer. Send the form to your bus driver fleet after customizing the items in your office. Then, bus drivers can quickly and easily perform inspections without paper and pen. Results are immediately accessible to anyone else using the platform, wherever they are.

Begin your journey faster by streamlining your pre-trip bus inspections, and ensure that your safety standards are being met every time. 

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