Annual Commercial Building Inspection

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Begin using this free building inspection form template for a quick reference of top checkpoints for your next inspection. The pre-created form allows inspectors to complete the form onsite from any device, or initial details can be entered from the office and dispatched to job sites for fast appointments and organized results.

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Regardless of the quality of construction materials, all buildings go through a wear and tear that can present potential health and safety issues in both short and long term instances. An obvious change within buildings over time is also the aesthetic appearance of a building. Aspects such as these can be monitored effectively and thoroughly through a commercial building inspection form. The use of a building inspection form or property inspection form can provide you with the quality assurance and confidence you want to have in the maintenance status and overall structure health of your commercial facility.

View the sample form and use our pre-created mobile inspection template and then customize your own personalized commercial property inspection form.

Form Details

An annual commercial building inspection allows you to assess the condition of your property as well as its compliance with local codes and ordinances. Our pre-filled building inspection form includes information that is generally included in a property inspection form.

Form functions:

  • Interior Inspections
  • Exterior Inspections
  • Mechanical and Electrical Checks
  • Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop Application & Analysis

The layout of the commercial building inspection form includes the following categories:

  • Interior Inspections
  • Exterior Inspections
  • Mechanical and Electrical Checks

Customize Your Annual Commercial Building Inspection Form

Be prepared for annual inspections with a property inspection form that is comprehensive and easy to use. This form is part of the IntouchCheck library of pre-created forms that are all accessible within our app. It is available to have imported and customized as needed. Your managers and inspectors can add the form to their library and have the tools to complete a thorough commercial property inspection.

Create Your Own Commercial Building Inspection Template

Our commercial property inspection form can be the starting point for your own inspection forms. Already have processes and procedures in place? IntouchCheck’s straightforward interface makes it fast and easy to create your own forms, where you can customize the sections, categories, questions, and types of data/image capture fields. We’re here to help you get started! Try IntouchCheck for free, and see how easy it is to streamline your business processes.