Annual Vehicle Inspection Report Form

Try free form template for your mobile device to perform comprehensive inspections of your vehicle fleet.

Shipping, transportation and service industries that rely on truck fleets during daily operations can perform annual vehicle condition inspections to meet business requirements. Check out the vehicle for performance and safety issues while capturing the data right on your smartphone or tablet device.

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Many companies rely on vehicle fleets to deliver products to customers, allow workers to perform services at different locations, and provide modes of transportation to people. Trucks, trailers, buses, tractors and other vehicles will go through daily wear-and-tear as the vehicles can begin to break down. Our vehicle inspection report form allows you to evaluate the condition of your vehicle fleet and determine if there are existing interior, exterior or mechanical problems that need to be repaired.

Form Details

Our free vehicle inspection report form provides a checklist that can be used to analyze every vehicle component so you can evaluate for issues that can compromise the vehicle's operational capabilities. Use the form template right on your mobile device while performing the inspection as you don't have to carry a clipboard or flip through pages to check off inspection details. Look over each vehicle system, device and mechanism as you can indicate if the component is in good working condition or needs repaired.

With this form template, you can keep track of when maintenance work was performed to fleet vehicles. Quickly take malfunctioning vehicles out of commission so they can receive repairs as this annual report can help keep your company in compliance with state and federal regulations. Our mobile vehicle inspection report form is tailored for your mobile device as you can easily read inspection data and input comments into the available fields. Categories that you will find pre-loaded into this template include:

  • Vehicle history record
  • Motor carrier operator information
  • Vehicle type
  • Inspector's name
  • Vehicle identification information (VIN and license plate number)
  • Vehicle components checklist
  • Additional inspection report details

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