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This form is intended to give pest control specialists a general inspection form that covers the most common aspects of a bed bug inspection report. Our bed bug inspection form helps you conduct organized, streamlined inspections, and allows you to make observations, attach photos, write recommendations, and more.

View and use our pre-created mobile form template, and then use the free inspection template to create your own bed bug inspection report.

Form Details

The bed bug inspection form is a comprehensive checklist for completing a home inspection. We have included the most common questions that should be included in a bed bug inspection report.

This form consists of the following categories:

  • Client Information
  • Inspection Details
  • Inspection Findings
  • Inspection Recommendations

Customize Your Bed Bug Inspection Form

This form is intended to be a general inspection form and cover the most common aspects of a bed bug inspection report. However, once you download the free sample form from our library, you can continue to tweak and revise the form to fit your business.

Our online bed bug inspection form is available on the IntouchCheck portal along with a variety of other pest control services forms. Each of these forms is available to download and distribute to your employees. If you have other services that need to be added, the form is easily customizable by adding or removing questions from the form.

Create Your Own Bed Bug Home Inspection Template

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