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Introducing the 2023 Annual Convenience Trends Report by Intouch Insight!

Download a special report on the key trends that will shape the convenience store industry.

This year's report goes beyond consumer data, offering valuable insights on operator performance in the field and their response to emerging trends.

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Tools we used to collect data

The key findings of the report are based on comprehensive data gathered from both customer experience surveys and operational measurement tools.

Customer Surveys

Over 1400 responses from North American consumers, sharing their recent experiences at convenience stores.

Mystery Shopping

Professional mystery shoppers conducted covert visits to convenience store locations of major brands across the United States.

Operational Audits

Professional auditors performed overt inspections of convenience store locations with major brands across the United States.


Food, Fuel and the Future.

Discover the latest insights from this year's report! Get to know the latest challenges as C-stores and quick-serve restaurants compete over share of stomach. Uncover what strategies both are using to stay ahead in the electric vehicle era and explore the role of technology in winning consumers' loyalty! 

Shift in Convenience Store Food Purchases

While 46% of consumers surveyed said they had recently purchased prepared food from a convenience store, 77% report that they look for on-the-go experiences with food they can eat in their cars. This highlights the significance of customer-facing technology implemented by quick-serve restaurants, which offer fast and contactless experiences, precisely what convenience stores are known for.

People prefer to eat ready-made food from c-stores in their car.

Navigating EVs impact on c-stores

With EVs projected to account for up 40% of total passenger car sales by 2030, keeping up with the demand for charging stations will be crucial for customer retention. Losing these customers to quick-serve restaurants installing their own EV charging is likely to impact the sale of other goods at convenience stores such as prepared food as well.

A comparative study of locations with EV charging stations in the last three years.

The Power of Seamless Experiences and AI in C-Stores

While location remains the primary factor influencing consumer preference in c-stores, loyalty programs rank a close second and can sometimes outweigh location considerations. However, ensuring customer satisfaction requires brands to guarantee seamless multi-channel experiences through their loyalty apps. While AI presents opportunities for consistent experiences, customer skepticism about its adoption remains a consideration.

Five top reasons to choose one convenience store location over another.

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