Daily Truck Inspection Form

Try the mobile daily truck inspection form to improve accountability.

Reduce the risk of errors and align teams with your standards on a daily basis. The structured format for this mobile truck inspection form streamlines the questions to ensure that the inspection is efficient and straightforward, so nothing gets overlooked and no time is wasted in the process.

Enter initial details via desktop, or complete the form from A to Z from a mobile or tablet device at the time of the truck inspection. Try the form for free with a free trial of IntouchCheck mobile forms software.

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Utilizing a digital truck inspection form when performing walkaround inspections on trucks or combination vehicles will not only streamline the process, but dramatically reduce the chances of mis-documented or inaccurate evaluations. This inspection form for truck drivers has broken the inspection list items into sections and sub-sections, making it easy to navigate thoroughly and quickly. From the brake lines in the coupling system to the underside of the trailer, this sample inspection form for truck drivers makes the inspection process quick and easy.

Start using the free template to guide you in creating your own daily truck inspection sheet, and take a look at the digital truck inspection form sample to see how you can use the pre-created mobile form in your truck inspections.

Form Details

We created the daily truck inspection form as a comprehensive list of truck inspection requirements to guide the truck driver, maintenance worker, or other inspector through a routine or daily truck inspection.

This inspection form for truck drivers is populated with a segmented list, split into the following categories:

  • Inspection Details
  • Truck Identification
  • External Trailer Inspection
  • External Cab Inspection
  • Engine Compartment Inspection
  • Coupling System Inspection
  • Further Remarks

Customize Your Digital Truck Inspection Form

The digital truck inspection form is available with the library of form templates created for IntouchCheck. Free trial or existing users can have the truck inspection template imported into their own form library. From there, the form can be customized to give the users and their teams the most comprehensive list to work off of when performing routine or daily truck inspections.

Create Your Own Truck Inspection Template

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