Dimensions Calculator

Try our free mobile dimensions calculator to get the total size dimensions for properties where landscaping and gardening work will be performed.

You can use our dimension calculator form to record area width and length information so you can figure out the total square footage of property locations that are receiving landscaping and garden work. You can use this information when figuring out the number of products and materials that will be needed and the length of work time that will be performed.
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When called to provide landscaping and gardening services for clients, you need to understand how large of a location will need to be serviced. Our dimensions calculator allows you to input area dimensions and square footage details of the property. By understanding the dimensions of the area, you have a better idea on the length of time it will take to perform certain landscaping and garden upkeep tasks. Then you can better schedule your work day for multiple clients.

Form Details

This efficient dimensions calculator form can be used on your mobile tablet or smartphone device while at the client's location to record calculations regarding the size of the area. Place in the area's width, area's length, the area's total square footage, and total dimensions of multiple areas. With this information, you can figure out how long it will take to provide landscaping services to the property and the number of required workers.
You can also use this form to figure out how much materials will be needed for the job so you can have your work vehicles property stocked with enough products. Our dimensions calculator has these categories and fields pre-built into the mobile template:
Customer details
Customer's address
Property location
Proposed service date
Area dimension details
Total dimensions
Estimated completion time

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