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Employee evaluations can be done faster than ever, without the risk of overlooking key aspects of your review. The intelligent series of questions will guide you through your evaluations with a natural, streamlined flow. The form can be set to notify the correct people, flagged to indicate action required, or stored for later review.

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Executing employee evaluations can be time consuming and difficult to streamline, while many online performance appraisal forms are difficult to navigate and harder to organize. When you need to perform thorough but efficient employee performance assessments, the last thing you need to deal with is too much–or too little–information.

Our pre-created employee evaluation template includes organized sections of the HVAC-and plumbing-specific questions you need to consider in order to conduct effective labor analysis for your employees.

Form Description

The free template for employee reviews and performance evaluations provides you with customized performance appraisal questions that will give you the right information, in the right order, for the best post-evaluation analysis. Each section includes a sub-set of questions to provide you with the best information, fastest. The checklist includes options for 1-5 rating as well as follow up questions.

Form Functions:

  • Evaluate employee job knowledge
  • Rate job quality and productivity
  • Measure dependability and initiative
  • Manage results for equipment and employee safety standard adherence
  • Provide overall employee appraisal score

If you have company standard-specific questions for your employee performance evaluations, they can be easily imported into the form template (including the mobile forms available with the IntouchCheck.) These assessment forms can then be shared with the appropriate team members, who can create or access via their iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, or Tablet, and then collected and analyzed via a desktop computer when needed.

Our employee evaluation checklist form is a thorough list of the most commonly required information when managers, supervisors, or other team members are conducting performance appraisals.

Our template for assessing labor and employee performance consists of the following categories:

  • Employee details
  • Evaluation periodJob knowledge
  • Productivity and quality of work
  • Employee dependability
  • Level of initiative
  • Safety adherence
  • Equipment and supply maintenance/use
  • Overall employee evaluation scores
  • Signatures from both employee and performance appraiser

Customize Your Digital Employee Evaluation and Review Form

Our online employee evaluation form is available for free with a trial or existing IntouchCheck accounts. The template for labor and employee management needs is comprehensive and covers a variety of industry standard analysis data collection. If you require other options than the one in our pre-created forms, you can add or remove any of the queries to match your business.

All of the forms in the IntouchCheck portal are customizable, as we know each business is unique and your forms should reflect that. While our templates are comprehensive and easy to use, they are most useful when changed to reflect your own needs. The mobile platform is added convenience for your field staff as they complete their employee performance appraisals.

Create Your Own Employee Evaluation Form Template

Already have processes and procedures in place? IntouchCheck’s straightforward interface makes it fast and easy to create your own forms, where you can customize the sections, categories, questions, and types of data/image capture fields. We’re here to help you get started!

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