Fire Safety Inspection Form

Try the mobile fire safety inspection form to improve your safety procedures.

Streamline your fire inspections and improve your safety standards. Standardize inspections and ensure that teams are conducting them properly with the help of a fire safety inspection form.

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We have implemented the most thorough and all-encompassing safety guidelines in our fire safety inspection form, complete with questions generally included in a NFPA fire inspection form. The fire safety inspection template is free for you to use and customize now with a free trial of IntouchCheck.

We have also generated a tool for you to upload your current safety procedures into our free fire inspection form template. Once you've customized our comprehensive form with the unique processes for your annual fire inspection or routine check-up, you can put your forms to use in the field as well as in the office.

Form Details

This form includes questions that are generally included in a NFPA fire inspection form. In addition to the questions that come pre-filled with our fire inspection form, you can add your own questions to customize the form to your specific needs and properties.

The fire safety inspection form is divided into categories, which include:

  • General Building Information
  • Types of Hazards
  • Locations of Hazards
  • Safety Recommendations
  • Necessary Changes

Customize the Fire Safety Inspection Form

This inspection form is designed to streamline your annual fire inspection by outlining a comprehensive list of tasks to prioritize. Site managers and inspectors can easily and efficiently standardize their inspections and ensure a thorough check every single time.

Create Your Own Fire Inspection Template!

Get the form and then customize to fit an individual property by adding or removing questions. The fire inspection form can be either be used as it was created originally or completely made from scratch or anything in between.