Hotel Check-In Services Audit

Try this free mobile hotel check-in services audit form to ensure space is ready for guests.

Before guests arrive, perform a check-in services audit of their hotel room to ensure cleanliness and that all amenities have been provided. Make notes of any equipment or items that are missing or damaged that need to immediately be fixed before letting the guests go to their room.

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Before guests stay at your hotel, you want to ensure their rooms are in top-notch condition. You want to inspect the space to check if the previous guests left any items and that the housekeeping staff has cleaned the floor and made the beds. The check-in services audit form allows you to evaluate the room before giving the guests the keys to making sure everything is right for their arrival.

Form Details

Every hotel room that has been booked by guests must be inspected prior their arrival and check in. The hotel check-in services audit form can simplify the evaluation process for your staff. The form template has a convenient checklist of items that need to be inspected to check for functioning equipment, available amenities, any present damage that might have been made by previous guests, and the cleanliness of the room.

Have your hotel staff stay on top of their work with the hotel check-in services audit form. They can use their smartphone or tablet device to perform the evaluation, then make the necessary cleaning tasks or maintenance before letting the guests come to the room. You can also review the inspection forms to evaluate the staff productivity and performance in maintaining the hotel rooms. Use the following pre-built categories to perform the inspections:

  • Date of inspection
  • Hotel room number
  • Room attendant
  • Entrance and doorway inspection
  • Guest room inspection
  • Bathroom inspection
  • Mini bar inspection
  • Comments
  • Signature

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