Job Completion Sign-Off Form

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Provide accurate job completion details for customers right at the work site on your mobile device. The job completion sign off form can be used by contractors to inform their clients of completed work for that day.

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Clients may require contractors to give them a summary of the work that was completed to adjust project completion deadlines and financial resources. Yet after a hard day's work, contractors can forget to fill them out, or miss items to mark on the forms.

The job completion sign off form makes the task easier by providing a pre-created form template that can be completed right on your mobile device. Fill out the form the moment that the task is completed so you don't forget to mention important details to your clients.

Form Details

The job completion sign off form provides a convenient method to log tasks that were finished for the day. It provides the basic customer information, job date and important notes that you want to share with the client that may deal with problems or issues that were discovered or addressed when completing the work. It provides pre-created field categories that may be customized for the type of tasks that you encounter when providing your contractor services. Keep track of your work with this convenient method as you can download the form template for free on any type of mobile device, such as your tablet or smartphone.

Each section provides concise field details as you can enter information into the following categories:

  • Customer's information
  • Date of job
  • Contractor's notes
  • Customer's comments
  • Contractor's signature at job completion

Customize our Pre-Built Job Completion Sign-Off Form

We know that every practice is unique, and your forms should reflect that. Our ready-to-use template is a comprehensive list of industry standard fields, but it is most useful when customized to reflect your own needs. The IntouchCheck platform makes it simple to quickly customize the mobile form template to meet the individual needs of your company and goals; questions, fields, or sections can be quickly removed, and new queries or fields can be added in the appropriate places to fit your project.

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Already have processes and procedures in place? IntouchCheck’s straightforward interface makes it fast and easy to create your own forms, where you can customize the sections, categories, questions, and types of data/image capture fields. We’re here to help you get started! Try IntouchCheck for free, and see how easy it is to streamline your business processes.