Large Building Checklist

Try out our mobile large building inspection form for free to evaluate the mechanical and ventilation systems of large buildings.

You can use our large building inspection form to provide a comprehensive inspection of all the systems throughout the building as well as check outdoor air quality and building issues. Then you can develop the right remediation tasks to bring all the systems running efficiently.

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Large buildings have complicated mechanical systems and components that all must work together to keep the indoor conditioned environment at the optimal level for all people working or obtaining services from the business. To ensure that each system is working as it was designed and maintaining the appropriate output, you must perform the desired inspections to look for possible issues. Our large building inspection form can be used by facility managers so they can efficiently inspect all mechanical systems throughout the building.

Form Details

Our large building inspection form provides a checklist that can be used to inspect every aspect of your mechanical systems. The checklist is separated into categories and separate fields so you can provide more thorough inspection findings. You can tap each answer into the mobile tablet or smartphone screen, as you don't have to carry around clipboards of paperwork that can be cumbersome when visually inspecting HVAC systems.
Our large building inspection form allows you to gather the right information without skipping any area of the building. You can perform these inspections during a routine maintenance schedule and then report your findings to the appropriate workers and upper management. Our form has the following categories available:
Building information
Inspection date
Terminal equipment inspection
VAV box evaluation
Thermostat inspections
Room inspections
Stairwell evaluations
Return air system inspections
Return fan inspections
Outside air intake inspections

Customize Your Digital Large Building Inspection Form

We know that every business is unique, and your forms should reflect that. Our ready-to-use template is a comprehensive list of industry standard fields, but it is most useful when customized to reflect your own needs. The IntouchCheck platform makes it simple to quickly customize the mobile form template to meet the individual needs of your company and goals; questions, fields, or sections can be quickly removed, and new queries or fields can be added in the appropriate places to fit your project.

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