Petro-Convenience Questionnaire

As the petro-convenience industry is expanding and providing more offerings, there are a lot more components of what makes up a great customer experience. On top of new factors like foodservice and beverages, cleanliness and customer service must always remain top-of-mind for sales associates.

Mystery shopping your locations is a great way to gather data on team performance and ensure that standards are consistently being met.

Intouchshop Questionnaire

Tasks the Petro-Convenience Questionnaire Monitors:

Measure how locations are performing based on company standards that have a direct impact on overall customer experience. Uncover areas for improvement based on a third party look at performance.

The free, sample downloadable petro-convenience mystery shopper template monitors the following things at your stores:

  • Outside
  • Greeting
  • Cashier Interaction
  • Digital Readiness
  • Facilities
  • Food and Coffee

Download the Free Petro-Convenience Mystery Shopper Questionnaire Today.

Utilize your data to the fullest with help from our professional analysts who will work to create a mystery shopping program that encompasses all aspects of your business, and is unique to your different brands and standards.

Start measuring your current standards with this free petro-convenience mystery shopping questionnaire