Proof of Delivery Beverage Form

Try out this free proof of delivery form to record delivery information about beverage and other products that arrive at a restaurant.

Inspect delivered products that arrive at your restaurant and take note of item that arrive damaged, expired or open. Keep the delivery information in your records so you can get reimbursed for delivery exemptions while making better supply chain decisions.

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When ordering products that will arrive at your restaurant from delivery trucks, you may find items that are damaged, expired, wet, open or are missing. Keep better track of delivery exemptions to have accurate inventory records and to work with suppliers who provide better products and delivery services by using this proof of delivery form. Use this delivery form every time a shipping truck arrives so you can evaluate the condition of the products as they are taken off the truck

Form Details

Products can become damaged during the shipping process before the items arrive at your restaurant. To keep accurate product delivery records, you can use our proof of delivery form for every new delivery. Access the form template right on your mobile device in the warehouse or loading/unloading dock when the truck arrives. You can evaluate the products as they enter your warehouse, count the number of boxes to see if there are missing products, make notes about too many products that were shipped, and examine the condition of the items. You also have the ability to attach photographs of damaged items to the form template.

With our proof of delivery form, you can ensure that you only pay for products that are in good condition while having an accurate inventory count. You can also use the form information to make the appropriate supplier decisions. Our form has these easy-to-use fields pre-built into the template:

  • Shipping details
  • Delivered product exemption details
  • Summary of delivery exemptions
  • Product pickup details
  • Product pickup summary
  • Signature

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