School Bus Pre Trip Inspection Form

Try this free school bus pre-trip inspection form to streamline your processes.

This free school bus inspection form allows school bus drivers to move through their pre-trip inspection quickly, easily, and with absolute thoroughness. The ready-to-use school inspection sheet includes the standard safety and prevention analysis list items that drivers or maintenance workers need to check and double-check in order to keep their students safe–without throwing off their schedule.

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The free sample inspection template allows you to view, use, customize and analyze the list of inspection tasks from any device: mobile, tablet, or desktop computer. Send the form to your bus driver fleet after customizing the items in your office. Then, bus drivers can quickly and easily perform inspections without paper and pen. Results are immediately accessible to anyone else using the platform, wherever they are.

Begin your journey faster by streamlining your pre-trip bus inspections, and ensure that your safety standards are being met every time.

Form Description

This form was created to give school bus drivers, bus maintenance crew, and other administration staff a streamlined list items for conducting a thorough safety and readiness inspection. The digital form has been pre-created by our team, so free trial or existing IntouchCheck users can begin using the form template as soon as its imported into their account.

The pre-trip inspection form consists of a series of questions, sectioned out into the following categories:

  • Inspection Information
  • Vehicle Information
  • External Inspection
  • Driver’s Side Inspection
  • Gauges
  • Controls
  • Interior
  • Safety Features
  • Additional Things to Note

Customize Your Digital Pre-Trip Inspection Form

We have compiled all of the questions and items that typically need to be documented. But, we know that your forms often need to be as unique as your business is. As with all IntouchCheck forms, items can be added to or removed from the question flow, to customize the form to meet the exact needs of any particular company or bus driver.

Create Your Own Inspection Forms

Already have processes and procedures in place? IntouchCheck’s straightforward interface makes it fast and easy to create your own forms, where you can customize the sections, categories, questions, and types of data/image capture fields. We’re here to help you get started! Try IntouchCheck for free, and see how easy it is to streamline your business processes.