Search and Rescue Hiking Plan

Try out this mobile search and rescue hiking plan to gather important information of campers and hikers.

Keep track of visitors to the state park or camping area. Get their personal details to help search parties in case the hikers or campers go missing.

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Campers and hikers can enjoy a wide range of outdoor recreational activities when heading to the national park or campsite. Yet there are a number of things that can happen to these visitors, such as becoming lost in the woods or being injured when mountain climbing. Having details about park visitors can allow the response team to quickly provide emergency services to locate missing hikers and campers. Use our convenient search and rescue hiking plan to gather important visitor information.

Form Details

Improve search and rescue efforts for missing hikers, campers, mountain climbers and bikers with our search and rescue hiking plan. When visitors arrive at the campsite or national park office, have them complete this form as they can give details about the number of people in their group, designated group leaders, personal contact information, the hiking supplies that they will be carrying, any medical conditions, and the length of time they are spending on the trail or at the campsite. By having this information easily accessible, you can better organize search and rescue teams so they can try to find the missing hiker or camper quickly.

Our search and rescue hiking plan features comprehensive questions to gain the right pertinent information. The form template can be filled out on any smartphone or tablet device as it features the following categories:

  • Hiker/camper personal information
  • Hiking plan itinerary
  • Campsite location
  • Vehicle information
  • Details about carried supplies
  • Signature

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