Telephone Security Threat Report

Try our free mobile telephone security threat report form when receiving security threat calls over the phone.

Log all information about security threats in or around the premises that may harm occupants and the general public. Find out details from the caller so you can decide on the best course of action to take to deal with the possible threat.

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Security threats can appear at any time, as callers will report those threats to receive required help. Fire, electrical outages, vandalism, burglary or bomb threats must be dealt with in an efficient manner while gathering all the required details so you can contact the right emergency services. The telephone security threat report provides you with a checklist of questions to ask the caller to gather more details about the security threat.

Form Details

Check out our telephone security threat report form available for your mobile smartphone or tablet device. This form can be used when you receive calls from people who want to report security threats in the building or somewhere on the property. You can efficiently gather required details that can help you determine the nature of the threat, how serious the threat is, figure out the general location, and understand what types of emergency and security services are required.

In addition, the telephone security threat report can also help you gather details about the caller. You can also determine if the person may be in a threatening or dangerous situation and requires additional services to reach safety. Our form template can be used on any mobile device as it has the following category checklist:

  • Call information
  • Nature of the security threat
  • Security threat details
  • Caller's information
  • Details about the caller's voice
  • Information about background noises heard during the call
  • Additional information
  • Signoff

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