Unsafe Restaurant Conditions Form

Try the unsafe restaurant conditions form to drive safety standards at your business.

Empower teams to perform quick and comprehensive audits to ensure all restaurant safety precautions are being taken and food safety requirements are being upheld.

This mobile form consists of a variety of restaurant safety topics that align adequately with the regulations found in your restaurant safety manual or food safety booklet, such as the HACCP Food Safety Manual. Try the form for free with a free trial of IntouchCheck mobile form software.

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In the food service business, a startling number of commonly overlooked threats can cause potential harm – not only to staff and patrons, but also to the overall sustainability of the restaurant.

Best of all, the format of our Unsafe Conditions template streamlines safety audits, so you can get back to serving your guests safely. If you already have your own safety inspection checklists, we can even help you import them into digital forms for desktop, tablet, and mobile application.

Form Description:

Responding to unsafe restaurant conditions requires care, organization, and reporting. Our unsafe conditions form is a checklist used to respond to and correct any potential problems in a restaurant setting. The checklist is comprehensive and standardizes the reporting and correction process.

Our form is organized by the following categories:

  • Location Information
  • Managerial Information
  • Fill Out and Return to Reporting Party

Digital Unsafe Restaurant Conditions Form

Access our unsafe restaurant conditions form from the IntouchCheck portal and immediately start using it to complete corrections and problems. With our mobile platform, you can complete your checks and inspections right from your phone, no matter where you are. With your standardized form, you’ll be sure to get the information you need to resolve any issues every time.

Create Your Own Unsafe Restaurant Conditions Template

Use our form as a starting point for your own restaurant safety manual. When you get comfortable with the system, you can customize the form to meet the needs of your business. Once you’ve tweaked the form to include all the information you need, it will be available to any employees who need it through the IntouchCheck portal.