Workplace Inspection Form

Try out the workplace inspection form on your mobile device so you can protect your employees.

Our workplace inspection form can be used by any business in any industry that hires multiple employees. Monitor your offices and workspace to ensure that everything is up to code and company standard. Ensure that your employees are working in safe and acceptable conditions.

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All businesses prioritize the health and safety of their employees. In order for employees to remain safe at work, their working conditions need to be regularly monitored and management needs to oversee these results. This helps protect employees and management alike from any workplace injuries and lessens the chance of any items malfunctioning.

Our workplace inspection form provides you with key guidelines to follow each time you conduct an inspection. You can report on any and all malfunctions of equipment, condition of items and services provided.

Form Details

The workplace inspection form allows your teams to evaluate all aspects of your company that are crucial to maintaining the continued health and safety of your employees. Monitor safety, security, preparedness and preventative measures with your form. Leave comments or attach photos for clarification for team members, and flag items for follow-up if they aren't complete. Ensure that all workplace conditions are following best practice and company standards.

Use this form template to inspect all areas of your business that your employees interact with. Ensure that managment is always overseeing proper working conditions for employees. The workplace inspection form can be used on any mobile device and includes general questions in the following categories:

  • Fire
  • First Aid
  • Storage
  • Security
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen

Customize Your Digital Generic Inspection Form

Use our free form template as is, or customize it to include all aspects of your business that need to be measured and monitored to ensure workplace safety. Use IntouchCheck mobile form software to create new questions and sections that will help you perform the most thorough workplace inspections. Record all possible safety hazards right into your form in IntouchCheck.

Create Your Own Generic Inspection Form Template

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