Mystery shopping services for multi-location businesses.

How it Works:

1. Work with our experts to design reliable, custom shop programs and surveys for your company goals.

2. Collect richer analytics and insights into your operations through third party feedback about your customer experience.

3. Use your mystery shopping results to make changes and improvements to your proceseses.

Mystery Shopping Dashboards

30+ years of experience.

Nearly 1 million mystery shoppers.

Compare results over time by score, theme or question.

Role and location-level dashboards.

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How can IntouchShop help you? 

Hear from some of our valued customers. 

"I reached out to Intouch when having concerns with cleanliness, food quality and the service of my restaurants. Once we started working together we had a questionnaire/shopper report drafted, revised and put into action. After the first report came out we found a lot of trial and error in all of the departments of the restaurants. It was then addressed to the staff and it immediately changed their work ethic. The staff loves seeing the reports and get very excited as they wait for the next one to come out. Intouch Insight has helped me build a phenomenal team that I am VERY proud of!"

Michael Burandt, Cinco Restaurants

"The data we gathered through the program was very important for targeting improvements within our chain. We specifically noted an opportunity with our loyalty program, and have since brought forth a number of changes to enhance and improve this program for our owners.  I would recommend Intouch to any retail business that is passionate about measuring customer service and making system improvements."

Jon Johnson, Medicine Shoppe Canada

"The information we have gathered through the detailed reporting has allowed us to focus our training efforts on areas specific to the shopper's outcomes. We have made global changes to our training material based on consistencies in score results. We have already seen an improvement in scores on the successive rounds of mystery shops!"

George Gerstenberg, Cycle Gear Inc.

Different Types of Mystery Shopping

Competitor Mystery Shops

Competitive mystery shops allow you to shop your competitors and compare where you stand.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience mystery shops tell you if your teams are following your current standards. 

Responsible Sales

Responsible sales mystery shops help to ensure that your staff are selling alcohol and tobacco products safely and responsibly. 

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