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RTM Mystery Shopping Opportunities

 In order to enhance the quality of our services and improve customer experience, we are asking for participants to carry out mystery shopping assignments for RTM. It's as easy as riding the commuter train or Chevrier Express, visiting one of the metropolitan ticket offices, or calling customer service. You will be compensated for evaluating how you were greeted, the clarity of the information communicated, and the quality of the service you received.

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We're always looking for reliable people with a good sense of observation and a great memory.

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Who is Statopex - a member of Intouch Insight?

Founded in 1987, Statopex is a well-known Quebec-based company that provides mystery shopping services. Statopex joined the Intouch team in 2015, and continues to enlist the aid of thousands of mystery shoppers across North America to help their clients collect actionable, third party feedback on customer experience.

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