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Mystery shopping is an educational experience that offers a whole new slant to shopping. Help businesses in your area improve their customer experience by covertly evaluating their operations based on select criteria.

Important Information

Intouch Insight is a legitimate mystery shopping company, in business for over 20 years.

We have received several reports of mystery shopping scams using our trademarked logos. Intouch only contacts mystery shoppers for assignments, and will never ask you to deposit money before completing a shop. When in doubt, contact us and report any such activity.

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“Their expectations are clear, and the work is fun. Intouch is a great company!”


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“Intouch has some terrific clients to mystery shop, and the support available from my Territory Manager is always prompt and helpful.”


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“Intouch has some great clients and is our favourite mystery shopping company. We're always paid on time!”


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  1. When will I get paid? Payments are every second Friday and include shops that are dated up to the last day of the pay period. Payments are added to the pay file up to the morning of the pay date as long as the shop was performed no later than the last day of the pay period. Payments are usually sent to PayPal by noon on the pay date. View the Intouch Insight 2019/2020 payment schedule.
  2. Why didn't I get paid? In order for Intouch to process a payment to PayPal, both the iSS terms of use and Intouch contract must be accepted by the shopper. A VALID PayPal e-mail address needs to be included in the shopper's extended profile. If a payment is denied due to an invalid e-mail address, Intouch will contact the shopper to let them know of the issue. Once resolved, the payment will be made on the next scheduled pay date. Shoppers have 30 days to claim their payments through PayPal. If not claimed, the funds are returned to Intouch and will be held until the contractors contact Intouch with a request to reissue. Contact if any further information is required.
  3. How do I obtain my earnings record for tax purposes? When logged into your isecretshop account, select the "payments" tab. On the upper right hand corner, click the download button. This will give you an excel file listing all completed shops, fees earned, amount reimbursed and date it was paid out. NOTE: As a canadian company, Intouch Insight DOES NOT issue 1099 reports to Independent contractors who are based in the United States and we do NOT require a W9.
  4. I cannot do my shop on the intended date - how do I reschedule? Most of our programs give contractors the option to reschedule a shop 1 time. Simply click on the 'reschedule' button to select an alternate date. If the reschedule button is not available to you, simply contact the scheduler who's name is indicated on the shop to request an extension. Ensure to include the shop ID that you wish to reschedule along with the alternate date that you will be able to complete the shop.
  5. Do I have to complete my shop on the date planned or can I do it before? A shop can be complete before the planned date as long as it is within the parameters of the shop. You must however use the reschedule button when you plan to conduct your visit earlier than anticipated as some programs have multiple shops for a same location yet cannot have more than one shop conducted on the same day. The reschedule button will alert you if you are trying to complete the shop on the same day as another shopper.
  6. My shop request was not accepted in time/why was my shop request declined? Please allow for a 48 hour delay in order for your shop request to be processed. We always try to do this as quickly as possible yet it can take up to 48 hrs. If multiple people have made requests for the same shop, we look at multiple factors when making the decision on who to assign the shop to (requested date, shopper badges & shopper rank). A message with the reason your request was declined can only be received if you toggle the "receive notifications for declined requests'' to ''yes''. This can be activated in your shopper profile under ''notifications settings''.
  7. Can I be advised when particular shops become available? Once you have successfully completed a shop for a particular specialty, you can be notified when similar shops becomes available only if you activate the notification within your shopper profile. This is found under the ''notification settings'' of your shopper profile under ''Please select the specialties you would like to receive notifications for:''. The only specialties that will be displayed are those that you have already earned a badge for. You therefore need to update this every time that you receive a new badge if you do wish to receive the notifications. Keep in mind, that each client conducts their shops at different frequencies and intervals so receiving the notification will allow you self-assign the shop as soon as it becomes available.

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