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Deliver remarkable customer experiences.

Intouch Insight delivers software and services to help you create better customer experiences by listening to your customers, interpreting the results and acting on powerful data.



Listen Interpret Act To Improve Your Customer Experience
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Let’s build brilliant experiences together!

What can Intouch do for you?

Listen to your customers

Bring your voice of customers to life

Find out what matters most to your customers. Leverage built-in survey and social listening tools, mystery shop and operational audit data, or import program info from unlimited external sources.

The first stage of customer experience measurement is to listen to your customers


The second stage to improve customer experience is to interpret your results.


Interpret the results

Insights to align operations with customer expectations

Analyze feedback alongside operational data to see what delights customers and drives loyalty. Use predictive analytics to achieve maximum ROI, and understand the sentiment behind your data.

Act on powerful data

Boost productivity, streamline issues resolution and drive ROI

Leverage automation to trigger real-time action and close the loop on every customer interaction. Use Intouch’s Action Campaign and Mobile Forms tools to stay focused on what matters most.

The last thing is to act on powerful data



The Intouch Advantage

Intouch Insight - 40+ years of customer experience mastery embedded into all solutions

40+ years of customer experience mastery embedded in all solutions

Intouch Insight - Fully-integrated suite of CX management software and services

Fully-integrated suite of CX management software and services

Intouch Insight - Dedicated and personal approach

Dedicated and personal approach to partnering with our customers

Intouch Insight - Solutions designed for multi-location businesses

All solutions designed with multi-location businesses in mind


Intouch’s CX Platform gives Corporate a bird’s eye view into the performance of our mystery shop and age-verification programs across locations; while individual operators get actionable insights to help them improve business processes and ensure standards are being met.

Your trusted advisor

We strive to continuously deliver value added resources and intelligence.


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