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Amazing! Based on your answers, it looks like you have a formal CX program in place and are working cross-functionally. Now it's time to really take all those insights and truly drive action across your business.


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Recommended Solutions:

Customer Feedback Surveys

The most common way to collect customer feedback is with a survey tool. Surveys help you better understand who your customers are, and if their experience with your brand meets their expectations. Find out what your customers like, what do they not like, and how their experience could it be improved.

Intouch offers powerful and easy-to-use survey tool that will help you implement a consistent program across your organization and eliminate the possibility of data siloes.

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Mystery Shopping Services

Mystery shopping is a highly effective tool to  measure the execution of your CX programs. When used in combination with a survey program, you can ensure alignment between customer expectations and your operations, and reinforce the employee behaviors needed to deliver great experiences consistently. 

Intouch's Mystery Shopping and Operational Audit services will help you take control of your customer experiences, and align your operations with customer expectations.

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CEM Solution

Like the old adage says, if don't measure it, you can't manage it. Having a system to help you collect and derive insights from your CX activities will enable you to better focus your efforts on addressing issues that will have a high impact on key business metrics, and identify trends so you can replicate success.

Intouch's Saas CX Platform helps you listen to your customer, interpret the results and act on powerful data. Use powerful automations  to supercharge your programs.

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Inspection & Checklists Software

Mobile Inspection software is the operational partner to your CX tools, enabling you to easily drive action and enhance customer experiences. Use these tools to roll-out tasks and procedures, conduct ongoing and regular audits and inspections, and collect insights from teams and locations wherever they are. 

Intouch's Inspection software will turn any smart device into a digital clipboard and help you to better manage operations across multi-location businesses.

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