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Know where you sit on the compliance spectrum

Get a thorough and accurate on-site assessment of your company’s adherence to regulatory standards, laws, and guidelines.





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A specialized team with cutting-edge technology to do the legwork for you

Our specialized division, GCS Field Research, is a leading provider of compliance audit solutions that can bring everything together in one place. This helps you streamline processes, prevent duplication and simplify compliance without compromising your customers' experience.


audits completed per year


Blue chip and Fortune 1000 clients served


network of field auditors in USA and Canada


Be vigilant and stay compliant while improving customer experiences

Being compliant shouldn't stop you from delivering a seamless customer experience. With our highly detailed and objective assessment, you get the best of both worlds by giving your customers enough reasons to trust your brand; thereby, improving customer experience.

Build Brand Reputation

Successful businesses are built on trust. Staying compliant signifies your company has done its due diligence when adhering to laws, policies and standards, resulting in a stronger reputation and trust in your brand. 

Reduce Risk

As the compliance rule book continues to grow, non-adherence can open you up to risks beyond just fines. An effective compliance program mitigates risks by preventing possible events from negatively affecting your business.

Gain Better Insights

You can only manage what you measure. Third-party auditing programs give you visibility into your business from a compliance standpoint, so you can effectively direct and control your operations.


Programs tailored to your industry

Every industry has its own set of policies, laws and regulations to adhere to. Our in-house team of experts works relentlessly with you to understand the key drivers and tailor programs specific to your business needs.

Brand Compliance

Safeguard your brand and business by keeping operating standards, laws and regulations front and center. These programs are designed to help your brand monitor compliance and enforce employee accountability for standards, including age-restricted products such as: tobacco, cannabis, vaping products, alcohol, and lottery items.

Stay vigilant at all times →

brand compliance program

Prescription Drug Marketing Act (PDMA) Compliance

Ensure customers' safety when it comes to drug product usage by preventing the sale of counterfeit, adulterated, misbranded, or expired drugs. A PDMA audit includes:

  • Annual audits
  • Storage audits
  • Closeout audits
  • For-cause audits

Keep your customers safe →

PDMA compliance audit program

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Compliance

Conduct comprehensive inspections of business premises to authenticate on-site security and ensure the protection of sensitive financial documents. An FCRA audit report includes:

  • Site Security
  • Data Storage
  • Data Handling
  • Data Destruction

Safeguard sensitive information →

FCRA compliance audit program

Education Testing Audits

Confirm the validity of standardized testing practices at the local, state, and federal levels. An educational audit includes:

  • Verifying the access to and storage of test booklets
  • Restricting the use of electronic devices
  • Monitoring students and proctors, testing seating
  • Checking security footage

Follow testing protocols →

education testing compliance audit program

J-1 Internship Audits

Verify that exchange visitors to the USA from overseas live and work in safe environments. Their sponsors remain responsible for their care while visiting the USA for their internship, short-term assignment, or study program.

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Exchange Visitor Compliance Audit Program

Systematic approach to help you stay compliant

External, impartial auditors carry out the audits to help you eliminate bias and keep things fair.


Set objectives

First, we identify vital policies, regulations, laws that your business needs to adhere to achieve compliance accreditation.. Shabby chic offal selvage pop-up typewriter.



We design questionnaires that align with your industry standards to give you a precise, objective assessment of your company's adherence.



Our auditors visit your locations, stores and complete assessment using our proprietary application to provide you with rich data and visual feedback. chic offal selvage pop-up typewriter.



We deliver actionable, real-time data in interactive dashboards that allow you to dig into the areas that matter most for your business.


Review & Improve

Ongoing compliance measurement helps you drive continuous improvements to your customer experience.


Start auditing today!

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Explore our comprehensive solution to improve customer experience

A complete suite of covert and overt services to create a customer-centric culture at the heart of your business.

Mystery Shopping Services

Get the complete, unbiased picture of your brand performance at every location by measuring the service you provide against the standards you have set with IntouchShop™.

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Operational Audits

Our operational audits bring fresh eyes and unparalleled industry experience to identify gaps between brand standards and service delivery. Turn operational blindspots into opportunities.

Improve Operational Efficiency →