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Turn operational blindspots into opportunities

Our operational audits bring fresh eyes and unparalleled industry experience to identify gaps between brand standards and service delivery.






Our blended approach

With over 40 years of experience, Intouch Insight has always been one step ahead in providing cutting-edge solutions to our partners. From advanced reporting platforms to custom-built audit programs, we offer innovative tools and approaches to help you stay agile.

Real-time insights

You don’t have to wait for monthly reports to fill you in. Take action in real-time with on-demand reporting and insights delivered right to your inbox.

Programs that fit you

Unique businesses need unique solutions. That's why we work with you to create customized operational audit programs that match your business needs.

Custom dashboard

Measure it your way. Get visibility into key performance indicators unique to your business with our custom-built reporting dashboards.

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Ensure your brand standards are implemented consistently

As your business grows, it gets harder to ensure the brand standards you so carefully crafted are implemented across every location. We are your eyes - evaluating the execution of your standard operating procedures (SOP) every step of the way.

Catch issues early

Small details can be overlooked during day-to-day operations and give rise to inefficiencies. Regular audits help you identify and address these issues quickly before they become problems.

Objective and accurate

With third-party operational audits, there are no grey areas. We work with you to develop robust audit programs and ensure our auditors are equipped with the correct measurement tools to deliver you the most accurate, fact-based, actionable data.

Foster a culture of accountability

With routine audits, you can put your staff at ease. Announced or unannounced, they are a great tool to familiarize your team with brand standards and procedures, thereby fostering accountability.

Save time and money

Our vast network of local auditors helps you cover locations without having your internal team travel distantly, saving you precious resources to focus more on business growth. 


Overt audit programs you can rely on

Specialized programs | Sophisticated management | Highest quality unbiased feedback

Operational Audits

Evaluate and analyze the effectiveness, productivity, and cost-efficiency of the operations of your business while identifying areas of potential improvement. Help your teams gain the upper-hand and prepare beforehand by highlighting the root causes of recurring issues through auditing: 

  • Routine processes 
  • Production
  • Dispatch 
  • Storage and delivery

Drive operational efficiency →

operational audits

Brand Protection

Ensure even the most complex brand and product standards are met across all locations, retailers, and franchises. A successful brand protection program can align the standards and expectations with what happens on the ground.  

  • Marketing signs and collateral
  • Display execution
  • Customer Service 
  • Employee’s adherence to SOP

Protect your brand →

brand protection operational audit program

Find out if an Operational audit is best for you.

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Inventory and Pricing

An empty shelf or a price variation - both can push your customers away as much. Verifying important aspects of your business like inventory counts and pricing meet standards can keep them coming back for more.

  • Signages 
  • Adequate stock
  • Brand & competitor price check

Keep stock and price in check →

operational audit store inventory program

Health and Safety

Health and safety have become the prime directives for businesses, especially with the recent changes worldwide.  Ensure all-time adherence by validating health and safety standards to keep your staff and customers safe.

  • Covid-19 precautions & measure
  • Safety Administration (Employee Training)
  • Fire Prevention & Building Safety
  • Evacuation Procedure

Keep them safe →

operational audit health safety program

Add professional analyst services to drive more value

Work with our analysts to do more with your data, with fewer internal resources.

Executive, Custom Reports

Our dedicated analysts will build custom reports on important KPIs for your business.

Historical Data

Map and understand performance over time as we analyze changes in your historical data.

Identify Data-driven Opportunities for Improvement

Uncover root causes of issues or behavior patterns with statistical modeling.


Get the most accurate insights with sophisticated audit programs

Flip each card to learn more about our process.


Set objectives

First, we outline key performance indicators that can provide visibility on recurring challenges, patterns, potential enhancements to policies/procedures and controls.



We design and implement questionnaires that align with your brand standards and provide you with precise, actionable results to achieve goals. 



We work with more than one million auditors who visit your locations and do assessment using a mobile app, giving you rich data and performance feedback.



We deliver actionable, real-time data in interactive dashboards that allow you to dig into the areas that matter most for your business.


Review & Improve

Ongoing measurement of operational performance helps you drive continuous improvements to your customer experience.


Start auditing today!

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Explore our comprehensive solution to enhance customer experience

A complete suite of covert and overt services to create a customer-centric culture at the heart of your business.

Mystery Shopping Services

Get the complete, unbiased picture of your brand performance at every location by measuring the service you provide against the standards you have set.

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Compliance Audits

Get a thorough and accurate on-site assessment of your company’s adherence to regulatory standards, laws, and guidelines with compliance audits.

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