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Implement operational standards and monitor adherence, on the go.

Turn data into action to deliver consistency, optimize continuously and streamline operations with IntouchCheck™ - the world’s most advanced inspection software.






Features Overview

Our inspection software is designed for multi-location businesses that are looking to optimize and streamline day-to-day operational best practices and experiences.

Track issues with ease

Assign team members to issues leveraging case management. Automatically update stakeholders and monitor issues over time.

Smarter automation

Not only can you trigger actions based on single data points, but also schedule recurring workflows that initiate actions based on aggregate data over time.

Improve accountability

Validate field data by requiring signatures, photographs, or comments. Monitor time required for task completion as well as location.

Work offline

No WiFi - no problem! Download forms ahead of time, complete your work on the go, and upload them when you're able to re-connect.

Switch between devices

Enjoy complete flexibility amongst all your devices. Start an audit on a mobile phone, save your work, and pick up right where you left off on a tablet or laptop.

Photos and videos

When words aren't enough, have your team submit photos and videos while completing checklists to get a better picture or operational performance.


Achieve operational synergy with IntouchCheck™

Intouch Insight's Inspection Software is built for quick action and continuous optimization. Use automation and triggers, based on predefined parameters, to drive efficiency and operational effectiveness. Collect data, measure performance and keep teams aligned, anytime, anywhere.

Work at scale

You can't be everywhere at once - but IntouchCheck™ can. Easily roll out procedural updates across all locations from wherever you are.

Automate the mundane

Stop wasting time playing traffic controller for common issues. Build out the solution once and have IntouchCheck™ trigger it for you in real-time.

Drive constant improvement

Rally your team and target specific key drivers with Actions Campaigns. Assign and manage a series of tasks specifically aimed at improving crucial metrics.


Easy as 1, 2, 3

Use IntouchCheck™ inspection software to ensure operational readiness and save time. Our no-code checklist builder is easy to use, we have an extensive template library to choose from, and you can leverage automation to set-and-forget tasks. It couldn’t be easier!

No-code checklist builder

Easily build dynamic mobile checklists using a simple drag and drop editor - no coding required.

Extensive template library

Create new checklists faster by leveraging our template library full of pre-built checklists that are ready to use or customize.

Build "smart" checklists

Built in logic allows a single master checklist to adapt to the requirements of multiple locations - avoiding duplications and making future updates faster and cleaner.


IntouchCheck™ Inspection Software form editor


Faster response times

Create triggers to instantly take action based on submitted data. Drastically reduce your response time to common issues.

Automatically delegate tasks

Built in logic can trigger follow-ups and assigned to the relevant team members when pre-set conditions are met.

Eliminate data re-entry

Results from all submitted forms are immediately uploaded to your database - eliminating the need for any manual re-entry and reducing the risk of input errors.


Automation with IntouchCheck™ inspection software is easy


Report, measure, replicate

Our out-of-the-box reporting allows you to monitor performance over time. Identity problems and replicate successes across your organization with ease.

Drive meaningful change

Custom reporting gives you the power to hone in on the elements that are important to your business. Target actions that will have the greatest impact on your bottom line.

Big picture perspective

When used along with other intouch products, leverage the full power of the platform to understand how your day-to-day operations impact overall customer satisfaction.


Review checklists with IntouchCheck™ inspection software



Why IntouchCheck™?


Your customers expect and deserve a consistent experience regardless of when or where they visit your business. While you can't be everywhere at once, IntouchCheck™ can. Empower your teams, wherever they are, with up to the minute company standards to ensure your customers have the same experience whenever they visit you.

Turn any smart device into a digital clipboard and easily roll out standardized procedures to any location. Conduct audits and collect data instantly from remote teams and drive high-value insights into your daily operations.

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"Intouch has helped our venues keep their checklists up-to-the-moment accurate, and holds our staff accountable. With access from any device, long ago are the days of trying to locate a piece a laminated paper that hasn't been updated since last year."

- Banff Hospitality Collective


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How to Use IntouchCheck™

Easily build and roll-out audits, inspection forms, field reports and checklists to drive consistent experiences with IntouchCheck™. Our cutting-edge inspection software helps businesses monitor operation readiness and compliance with no-nonsense tools that are quick and easy to implement.

The time to act is now!

Look no further, IntouchCheck™ is the inspection software you’ve been waiting for.


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