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Addressing the needs of today's restaurants

To earn more, save more and drive loyalty, you need a partner who can help you understand what your customers expect and if you’re meeting those standards.

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Manage Multiple Locations

When managing multiple locations, you need location-based insights so you can see what’s working in one location vs another. Resolve issues, replicate successes and get relevant info to the right people in real-time.  


Protect Customers & Staff

Make sure staff are meeting operational standards. Easy-to-use tools like mobile checklists enable regular inspections of everything from cooler temperatures, food handling, inventory and even proper use of PPE.


Realign your Business

As customer needs evolve, it is critical to re-align operations to meet expectations. Relevant CX insights help you plan and pivot, and the right reporting tool ensures you can measure every step of the way.


Ensure Customer Service Standards

Make sure employees are meeting brand standards

You spend a lot of time and money designing a great experience for your guests. Leveraging mystery shop and audit programs ensures that those standards are being adhered to, and identifies any training gaps. Leverage this proactive approach to operational insights


Drive Satisfaction & Loyalty

Identify the key drivers behind your customers’ satisfaction

Leverage Intouch’s intuitive survey platform to measure guest experience before, during and after their meal. Conduct key driver analysis to understand what elements of the experience are having the greatest impact, and keep customers coming back.


Resolve Issues Quickly

Don’t wait for an issue to become a problem

Whether it’s a poor NPS score, a bad online review, or a failed audit or inspection, LiaCX’s CX Automation Hub drives action behind the scenes so you don’t have to think about it. Focus on what matters most to your business, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Take control of every aspect of your guest’s experience.

From greeting guests at the door to making sure food and safety standards are being met, Intouch’s blended approach to customer experience management enables restaurant owners and operators to build trust and loyalty, increase safety and consistency and drive operational excellence, all the while personalizing experiences to earn customers for life.

Understand what matters most to your guests

Listen to your customers with surveys, social media monitoring, mystery shop programs, and third-party data.

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Make data driven decisions with customer experience insights

Dive into your data with robust reporting and intelligence tools, AI-driven predictive analytics, and sentiment analysis.

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Turn data into action

Mobilize your teams into action to resolve issues and replicate successes quickly.

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