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Your feet on the street!

Get the complete, unbiased picture of your brand performance at every location by measuring the service you provide against the standards you have set with Intouch's Mystery Shopping Services.

A member of the Mystery Shopping Professional Association 2023.        Top-Company-2022-Shopper-Insights


40+ years of CX mastery

Our Mystery Shopping solution is designed based on years of hands-on expertise measuring brand service standards.

Listening from all angles

Our suite of solutions seamlessly bring Mystery Shop data together with other CX metrics to give you a complete picture.

Technology powered solution

Intouch is the most technologically advanced mystery shopping provider, delivering deep insights to drive action.

On-time completion rate

With a vast network of shoppers, Intouch Insight offers the most promising on-time completion rate in the industry.

Multi-location First

Our programs are designed to help you meet customer expectations and deliver consistent experience across locations.

Multi-channel Monitoring

Deliver on your brand promises by measuring key metrics across all channels no matter how customers engage with you.


Gain objective, third-party feedback with Mystery Shopping

Intouch Insight serves some of the top multi-location brands across North America in retail, restaurants & fast-casuals, grocery, petro-convenience, hospitality, finance, and automotive, to name a few.
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Give your program an edge.

Mystery shopping is an essential program for multi-locations businesses who want to build a customer-centric culture. Intouch Insight designs one with your needs in mind, going beyond the basics of data collection. 

360° CX View

Enrich your Mystery Shopping data with other CX metrics. Easily integrate data from a Voice of Customer program or operational inspections.

Advanced Automation

Automatically identify locations that consistently perform well or under over time to boost productivity, streamline processes, and automate feedback.

Robust Reporting

Our intelligence platform centralizes all your cx data to drive actionable insights across all your locations so you can leverage intel like never before.

Richer Results

Conduct deeper analysis without manual effort by automatically enriching your data with key attributes so you can easily segment and compare results.

Quality Assurance

Our highly trained team reviews all field data before it enters the platform so you can drive business decisions with confidence.

Tailored Programs

Get away from a one-size-fits-all approach. We help brands develop programs that deliver on your unique needs - on time and to your standards


Develop a customer-centric culture at the heart of your brand.

On-site | Curbside | Telephone | Online | Virtual Mystery Shopping

Multi-location businesses have limited visibility into how frontline workers across different locations implement their brand standards. We understand that you cannot be everywhere at once; that is why our network of over 1 million experienced mystery shoppers do the legwork for you.
As one of the largest mystery shopping providers in North America, Intouch has the knowledge and expertise to build custom programs that are delivered on time, meeting high quality standards.

Assess the execution of brand standards

Adherence to customer experience standards and operating procedures can differ dramatically from location to location. With Intouch Insight, you can:

  • Measure the execution of standards across all locations
  • Identify consistently high and low performing locations
  • Eliminate the bias inherent with internally-run programs

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Reveal gaps in employee training

If employees lack the know-how to properly execute daily operations, additional training may be required to close that gap. Intouch Insight’s mystery shopping services can help you:

  • Identify where employees repeatedly underperform
  • Focus training on most prevalent skill gaps
  • Measure the impact of employee training programs

Identify training gaps →


Evaluate your competition

Uncover what differentiates you from the competition from a customer experience standpoint to uniquely position your brand. Intouch Insight’s mystery shopping services can help you:

  • Understand how you perform compared to your competitors
  • Uncover opportunities to drive improvements at your brand
  • Refine your pricing strategies through competitive intelligence

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Ensure seamless multi-channel experience

Gather objective data from every customer touchpoint to drive insights on how to improve experiences at every stage of the journey. With Intouch Insight, you can:

  • Spotlight every touchpoint - onsite, curbside, online, telephone, and more
  • Measure multiple purchase paths individually and as a whole
  • Identify inconsistencies in brand standards across channels

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Find out if Mystery Shopping is the right solution for you.

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Actionable insights that work for you!

Our blended approach to customer experience measurement delivers not just data, but actionable insights in a powerful CX platform. Powerful automations and integrations ensure you can analyze your results faster than ever before, and drive action in real-time.

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You are in good hands!

Intouch continues to be a trusted and valued partner at Parkland. The actionable data provided by the mystery shopping and age verification programs helps us understand our customer experience standards and identify areas for growth and training.
Intouch Insight has been a valued partner in these efforts, helping us implement a variety of underage use prevention programs, including bolstering our age-verification capabilities and expanding our mystery shop program at retail.

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