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Experience your brand like your customers do with mystery shopping services.

Find out how North America’s leading brands see through the customer lens with mystery shopping. Intouch Insight’s programs provide objective insights into adherence to standards so you can deliver on your brand promise.

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The Intouch Insight advantage.

Intouch Insight is the most technologically advanced mystery shopping provider in North America, helping you to monitor, measure, and manage the execution of brand service standards all at once; across all your locations.

"Have the information living in one place makes it very easy to access the data and get the insights we need".

- Andrew Balchin, Program Manager at Parkland Corporation

40+ years of CX Mastery

Our technology-driven approach is the key to our years of hands-on expertise, enabling us to design, scale, and deliver programs on time.

One-stop Shop

Our fully-integrated suite of CX management software and services offer both qualitative and quantitative insights needed by multi-location brands.

Commitment to Quality

Quality is the foundation of our enduring client relationships, evident in our ongoing investment in people, programs, and processes.

Four decades of expertise, tailored to every industry's needs.

Intouch Insight serves some of the top multi-location brands across North America in restaurants & fast-casuals, retail, grocery, petro-convenience, automotive, property management, banking & finance, and hospitality, to name a few. 

Retail, Grocery & C-stores
Automotive & Car Dealerships
Apartment & Property Management
Hotels & Casinos
Banking & Finance

Tailored programs, vast shopper network & robust technology - the winning formula!

Technology lies at the very heart of our operations. Not only does it enable us to access over 2 million shoppers across multiple shopper platforms, but it also empowers you to make informed, data-driven decisions and connect with your customers on a deeper level.

Customer Service Programs

Adherence to customer experience standards and operating procedures can differ dramatically from location to location. With Intouch Insight, you can:

  • Measure the execution of standards across all locations
  • Identify consistently high and low performing locations
  • Eliminate the bias inherent with internally-run programs
Assess the execution of brand standards →
measure customer service standards with mystery shopping

Multi-channel Experience Program

Gather objective data from every customer touchpoint to drive insights on how to improve experiences at every stage of the journey. With Intouch Insight, you can: 

  • Spotlight every touchpoint - onsite, curbside, online, telephone, and more
  • Measure multiple purchase paths individually and as a whole
  • Identify inconsistencies in brand standards across channels
Ensure seamless multi-channel experience →
evaluate multi-channel experience with mystery shopping

Competitor Programs

Uncover what differentiates you from the competition from a customer experience standpoint to uniquely position your brand. Intouch Insight’s mystery shopping services can help you:

  • Understand how you perform compared to your competitors
  • Uncover opportunities to drive improvements at your brand
  • Refine your pricing strategies through competitive intelligence
Evaluate your competition →
gain competitive intelligence by evaluating strategies your competitors are using.

Compliance Programs

Shield your brand from potential legal issues or penalties, and demonstrate your commitment to responsible and compliant operations. Our programs are designed to help you:

  • Monitor compliance with regulations pertaining to age-restricted products or services
  • Evaluate responsible sales practices, ensuring strict adherence to guidelines
  • Foster a culture of compliance within your organization.
Stay vigilant at all times →
Monitor compliance with regulations pertaining to age-restricted products or services, using mystery shopping.

Franchise Audit Programs

One of the primary reasons franchisors consider mystery shopping is to ensure uniform customer experiences and consistent brand standards across all franchise locations. With our programs, you can:

  • Assess the performance of individual locations
  • Compare performance across the franchise network
  • Ensure strict adherence to contractual obligations by franchisees

Control your brand's reputation →

ensure uniform customer experiences across all franchise locations with mystery shopping.

Employee Training Programs

If employees lack the know-how to properly execute daily operations, additional training may be required to close that gap. Intouch Insight’s mystery shopping services can help you:

  • Identify where employees repeatedly underperform
  • Focus training on most prevalent skill gaps
  • Measure the impact of employee training programs
Identify training gaps →
Measure the impact of employee training programs with mystery shopping
mystery shopping reports & dashboard

Embrace a new level of customer understanding and amplify your results. 

Our mystery shopping programs go beyond the basics of data collection. We deploy mystery shoppers who act as your eyes and ears, capturing valuable data from every customer-facing touchpoint of your business. This data is then channeled straight into our platform, unveiling insights that might otherwise go unnoticed.  

Maintain Consistency

Consistency is the key to bring customer back for more. Our programs ensure customers receive the same level of experience regardless of the branch they visit.

Evaluate Performance

We evaluate the performance of each location, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. It helps target resources effectively and optimize overall operations.

Gain Competitive Edge

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Know what they are up to by evaluating their performance and understanding their pricing, so you can stay ahead.

Protect Brand Reputation

Safeguard your brand reputation by identifying and rectifying any deviations from established service standards that may negatively impact customer perception.

Enhance Customer Experience

By understanding customers' perspectives and pain points, you can implement targeted improvements to enhance overall customer satisfaction across all locations.

Improve Training Programs

Our programs provide a valuable, real-world perspective on staff performance across channels, which contributes to the ongoing training and development of employees.

Track and optimize every customer touchpoint.

Get visibility into every customer touchpoint.

With the evolution of technology, customer journeys have become complex and no longer follow a linear path. To deliver a consistent experience, we advise our clients to track and optimize every customer touchpoint.

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