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Offer positive in-store experiences, all year round.

Measure operational performance, gather customer feedback, and gain insights to enhance shopping experiences across your grocery stores with multi-location CX solutions.

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Over 30% of customers would stop buying from a brand after one bad experience.

Get insights into customers' journey beyond aisles and shelves. Improve operations efficiency and enhance brand performance - online, in-store, mobile & curbside pick-up.

PWC - The Future of Customer Experience

Stay Ahead of Competitors

Understand what matters for your customers, exceed expectations and deliver delightful experiences at every key touchpoint.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Streamline processes, optimize inventory management and ensure operations meet brand standards.

Maximize Every Interaction

Make the most of every channel and deliver consistent, exceptional experiences that drive revenue and customer loyalty.

A holistic CX dashboard for all your programs

Get the CX insights you need to enhance grocery experiences - all in one place.


Simple & Intuitive

Get started with our user-friendly CX platform, ensuring quick adoption and seamless integration into operations.

White Glove Approach

Access a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will provide personalized guidance and help you leverage CX initiatives.

Data Security

Protect your critical business data with enterprise-grade security features, including single sign-on (SSO) and data encryption.

Multi-Location Management

Oversee and coordinate operations across multiple locations and franchises, simplifying management and optimizing efficiency.

Advanced Insights & Analytics

Refine text & sentiment data with ML, use predictive analytics to forecast the impact of improvements on KPIs.

Unified Intelligence Hub

Consolidate all your CX insights into one hub. Access data from mystery shopping, surveys, audits, and other CX initiates, streamlining decision-making.

Enterprise-level CX Solutions
for every corner of your grocery store.

Bridge the gap between store practices and customer expectations. Identify operational gaps, refine inventory management, optimize store layout and product placement, and elevate customer experience - both online and in physical stores.

Mystery Shopping For Grocery

Get the full picture of shoppers' experience in store. Identify operational gaps, refine inventory management, optimize store layout, improve customer services, and more with IntouchShop®.

  • Evaluate customer service, staff knowledge, and friendliness.
  • Assess store cleanliness, produce freshness, shelf stocking, and more.
  • Enhance effectiveness and ROI of marketing and promotional initiatives.

A customer mystery shopping at a grocery store.

Voice of Customers Program

Gather insights from overall satisfaction to product preferences, refine operations and leverage success with IntouchSurvey®

A customer is filling up a survey post purchase.

Checks, Audits & Inspections

Boost grocery efficiency by automating tasks, maintaining brand standards, and enhancing shopper experiences with IntouchCheck®.

  • Automate routine tasks like restocking shelves and addressing customer service promptly.
  • Streamline promotional and merchandising management.
  • Ensure adherence to food safety protocols and sanitation guidelines.

An employee performing internal checks using a digital inspection and checklist software.

Operational Audit

Get a comprehensive evaluation of store operations, pinpointing gaps between brand standards and in-field execution with IntouchAudit®.

  • Verify adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • Ensure inventory, signage, and merchandising meet brand standards.
  • Comply with food safety regulations, health codes and labor laws.

An independednt contractor performing an operational audit at the store.

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Get the latest CX insights, tips and trends in the grocery industry.

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